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Who Do We Remember... and How?

All over Canada people are rethinking the people and events we commemorate (remember). Statues fall, schools and streets are renamed. How do we decide? And what do you think?

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Buried Stories

Fiction feature: Two men built the residential school system that harmed so many Indigenous people. One man spoke up and was ignored. Their reputations have reversed over the past century. All three lie in Ottawa’s Beechwood Cemetery.

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For hundreds of years, newspapers were about the only way people could learn what was happening outside their own area. Meet the people and papers that helped shape Canada from its earliest days to 1920.


Forts. Tipis. Maple syrup. Birch bark canoes. Log cabins. Wagons. (And yes, magazines.) Trees are a big part of the story of Canada.

Settling in Canada

When Europeans starting coming to North America to live, they changed everything. How did they affect the people who were already here? Where did the newcomers come from and where did they settle? And how did they live?

Seeking Safety

Everyone who lives in Canada has a different story about how they and their family ended up where they did. What’s yours?

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April 2012 cover of Kayak featuring the Titanic
Kayak in the Archive


Canada’s History Archive features both English and French versions of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.


How Furs Built Canada

There’s no way we can tell you everything about the fur trade era, but in this issue, you’ll discover some of the people behind the fur trade, the good and bad it caused, and how it shaped our country.

Our Families

Families in Canada change... and stay the same.

Canada and the Second World War

From farms to factories to fighting, the Second World War touched Canadians in many ways.

Growing Up Healthy

Don’t want to freak you out, but you are super-lucky to have good, free care if you get sick or hurt yourself. Today, it’s almost impossible for us to understand now how dangerous it was to be a kid for most of Canada’s history.


French Anglais

Why does it matter what language we speak? Or whether anyone else speaks our language?

Ghosts & Monsters

Be sure to leave the lights on when you read this issue! You’ll meet historical spooks and explore unexplained stories from Canada’s past.

Canada at Work

Everyone has to work, whether they do chores around the house, work in a factory, run a farm, go to an office job, fish for a living, work in a mine — Canadians do all kinds of paid and unpaid work.

Time to Relax

What do you like to do in your spare time? First of all, you’re lucky to have spare time at all, compared to kids in Canada’s past. But, from simple toys to schoolyard games, kids have always been good at finding fun things to do.

Great Canadian Women

This special digital issue celebrates some of the amazing women who helped make our country what it is today.


We are all Treaty People

Guest editor Cynthia Bird of Peguis First Nation explores Treaties and the historic Treaty relationship between First Nations peoples and the British Crown, now represented by the government of Canada.

Black History in Canada

In this special issue of Kayak we are joined by guest editor Natasha Henry who shares some amazing stories and examples of the ways Black Canadians built and shaped this country.

Our Artful Past

It can be beautiful, surprising, thought-provoking or funny — art is an important way that we think about ourselves and our country. You’ll meet all kind of artists and see their work in this issue of Kayak.

All Aboard!

This issue explores what Canada gained and lost when we built our ribbon of steel. From passenger trains, to subways to the SkyTrain or tourist steam railways, we look at all kinds of trains.

Animal Tales

From whales to horses, beavers to birds, learn all about how animals are part of the story of Canada.


Sports Stories

Whether you like to play sports or watch them; ride your bike or be part of a team, this issue of Kayak brings you great stories from our sporting history.

At Home

This issue of Kayak is all about the places we live — our homes and communities.

Summer 2017

We celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and how our country came to be with the silly, the serious and the surprising stories of our past. Meet some of the people who helped bring democracy to our country, the people who made it a country, and the people who watched along the way.

Happy Birthday Canada!

The April 2017 issue of Kayak looks at 150 people, places and things that tell the story of Canada.

Disaster Strikes

It’s awful when terrible events occur, but on the flipside, it’s pretty wonderful to know that others are always ready to help. This issue looks at the Great Depression, the Halifax Explosion, emergency response and natural disasters.

Earlier Issues

Remembering the Great War

A special digital-only edition of Kayak aimed at Grades 2–6. You will find stories about the major battles, about kids’ lives back home, and about how anger around conscription divided the country.

Our Flag Turns 50

Our flag is one of the easiest to recognize in the entire world. It first flew February 15, 1965, so the February 2015 issue of Kayak is celebrating by shining a light on all of our national symbols.

Creating Canada

Learn more about the Fathers of Confederation and how they made our country happen. And what could be more Canadian than to tell that story in the context of our greatest game — hockey?