We are all Treaty People

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Posted August 22, 2018

This edition of Kayak features guest editor Cynthia Bird! Cynthia (Wabi Benais Mistatim Equay) of Peguis First Nation is an educator who lives in Calgary in Treaty 7 territory and works with the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba.

This issue is about Treaties and the historic Treaty relationship between First Nations peoples and the British Crown, now represented by the government of Canada.

Many people might say Treaties are about the past. Yes, they are about the past, but they are also about the present and the future. They are central to what it means to be Canadian. They remain as important today as they were in the past.

Learning about Treaties gives us a chance to reflect on our shared history and to learn why “We Are All Treaty People.” Understanding this is important for us as Canadians. We need to know how we have each benefited from our Treaty story. It is who we are.

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