2023 Shortlist for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Community Programming

Community organizations from across Canada are being recognized for their exceptional work in the field of Canadian community programming.
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Building Johnny Pov’s Kayak

Archival photos from the 1950s show how an Inuit community came together using skill and sealskins to build a traditional watercraft.

Beer Bottle

The first French-Canadian beer maker dubbed itself the “Brewery of the People.”

Chatham Winnowing Mill

This nineteenth-century innovation made husking wheat a breeze.

2022 The Governor General's History Awards

Luisa Fracassi

Luisa Fracassi developed her project “Immigrant Voices” as an experiential learning opportunity for her diverse class of grade ten students.

Jen Maxwell

With the support of her school and colleagues, Jen Maxwell created a cross-curricular project that allowed grade twelve students in her large urban high school to earn multiple credits towards social studies, English language arts, and career education.

Carla Cooke and Tracey Salamondra

Carla Cooke and Tracey Salamondra designed a cross-curricular, community-based project for their grade eleven students to investigate the histories of their rural community.

The Governor General's History Awards

Celebrating the very best in Canadian achievements in the field of history and heritage.

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Abolitionist’s Legacy Enshrined

Mary Ann Shadd Cary fonds added to Canada Memory of the World Register.

Seeing Through the Fog

Reflecting on the biases that influence our views of the past.

Canada Welcomes Chinese Refugees

Decision in 1962 to accept one hundred families ended decades of exclusion.
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Reflecting on Historical Inquiry

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Preparing for Difficult Conversations

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