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There are stories all around us, just waiting for you to tell them. What’s The Story? guides you through the process of telling a story that matters to you

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Treaties in Canada

In this guide, educators share how they teach Treaties in the classroom, including advice, online resources, books, and lesson plans.

Dust and Depression

In this lesson, students will conduct their own research into the Dust Bowl.

Seeking Sources: Creating a Primary Source Database

In this lesson students learn to locate primary sources online to create a class database for future historical inquiry projects.

2022 Young Citizens Revealed

Celebrating eleven years of buliding a national community of young storytellers.

Lesson Plans

Helping Students Identify Inquiry Topics

This activity is designed to encourage students to make observations about the world around them.

Crafting Big Questions

This lesson supports students in designing their own inquiry question.

Finding and Assessing Sources

This lesson will encourage students to brainstorm different types of sources they can use to answer their Big Question.

Reflecting on Historical Inquiry

This lesson will help students reflect on what they have learned throughout their inquiry project.

Know a teacher who made a difference?

Nominations for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching are accepted all year round.


Starting Your Storytelling Journey

Students who attended this virtual event discovered the magic of storytelling, how to bring characters to life, and how to turn historical events into an engaging story.

A Conversation about Truth and Reconciliation in the Classroom

This webinar aims to empower and support educators in their ongoing learning about what it means to bring truth and reconciliation into the classroom.

Inspiring #OurStoriesOurVoices

Students who attended this virtual event discovered new stories from Canada’s past and felt inspired to share the histories that matter to them.

Teaching Black History in Canada

The Use of Media in Exploring Afro Indigenous Ancestry

This lesson will ask students to use creative, academic, and observational skills to define terms which are important to understanding Afro Indigenous ancestry and to reflect on how media has been used over time to express important ideas about justice and ethnicity.

The History of Black Canadians: Strength in Unity

In this lesson, using art and technology, students will learn about the reasons behind the establishment of unions and associations dedicated to Black Canadians. They will come to understand the ways in which Black Canadians have been able to achieve racial equality in various spheres of society.

Sleeping Car Porters

In this lesson, students will analyze artifacts to learn about the experiences of Black sleeping car porters on the job. 

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