Truth and Reconciliation Week 2021

This free magazine is intended for students in grades 5–12. Through an allegorical graphic novel-style comic, it explores what it means to have guests arrive at your doorstep, and your home taken away, and how we can still find ways to live well together.

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2021 Finalists for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching

Thirteen teachers from across Canada are being recognized for their exceptional work in teaching Canadian history.

Teaching Canada's History: 2021 Excellence in Teaching Finalists

In this podcast series, Canada’s History spoke with the finalists for the 2021 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Treaties and the Treaty Relationship

Everyone benefits when there is a greater understanding and appreciation of Treaties and the Treaty relationship. This special issue is part of a greater conversation to ensure that our collective history is truly inclusive.

Every Child Matters

This free magazine, which is based on the Seven Sacred Teachings, is aimed for students in grades 5–12. Each chapter teaches children about residential schools, Treaties, and the historic and current relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Available in English and French.

Lesson Plans

Demonstrating Respect through Understanding and Taking Action (ReconciliAction)

This set of lessons encourages students to consider multiple perspectives of historical events and to explore what it means to be an ally.

Gibaajimominaan: Our Stories

In this lesson students will learn from residential school Survivors and consider what they can do to support the Survivors and their families.

Learning Humility Through Being a Witness

Through engaging in two acts of reconciliation, students will begin to understand the way humility puts us in a place of feeling small within the larger picture of issues and events.

Honesty: Taking Action

In this lesson, students will assess the outcomes of individual and collective action, and design a personal plan for reconciliation in their own lives and communities.

Know a teacher who made a difference?

Nominations for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching are accepted all year round.


A Conversation about Truth and Reconciliation in the Classroom

This webinar aims to empower and support educators in their ongoing learning about what it means to bring truth and reconciliation into the classroom.

Inspiring #OurStoriesOurVoices

Students who attended this virtual event discovered new stories from Canada’s past and felt inspired to share the histories that matter to them.

Curating Difficult History

In this webinar, Andréa Shaulis shares how the Montreal Holocaust Museum’s collection of objects and testimonies are carefully curated to highlight the compelling stories it preserves.

Teaching Black History in Canada

Where Black Canadians have come from

In this activity students will develop an understanding of where Black Canadians have come from. 


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