Art with Heart

Nova Scotia’s Maud Lewis transformed the mundane into the magical with her unique artistic vision.

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Our Artful Past

It can be beautiful, surprising, thought-provoking or funny — art is an important way that we think about ourselves and our country. You’ll meet all kind of artists and see their work in this issue of Kayak.

2018 Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge Winners

Graphic novel-style comics highlight exciting moments in Canadian history.

Visual History Webinar Series

In this webinar series we heard from educators, public historians, and graphic designers who discussed their experiences using visuals to share Canadian history. 

Growth of a Nation: Trading Cards

In this activity students create a package of 10 Canadian History Trading cards reflecting what they have learned and studied as their course progressed over the term.

Lesson Plans

The Numbered Treaties

In this lesson students explore the Numbered Treaties with a focus on present relevance, historical and contemporary relationships, and the benefits shared by all Canadians.

Treaties: Partnerships and Relationships

In this lesson students explore the enduring and cross-country nature of the Treaty relationship in Canada making note of challenges and opportunities.

1764: An Enduring Relationship

In this lesson students explore the Treaty of Niagara as a foundational relationship in the creation of Canada.

Relationships, Respect and Reconciliation

In this lesson students explore James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and the resulting affects on Cree and Inuit.

Know a teacher who made a difference?

Nominations for the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching are accepted all year round.


Teaching History with a community-based lens

Watch now: In this webinar, Connie Wyatt Anderson reflects on her role as an educator on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation.

Treaties and the Treaty Relationship Webinar Series

This webinar series shares information and promotes conversation about the historical and contemporary issues that relate to treaties. These presentations explore both the Canadian and First Nations perspectives of treaties.

Indigenous Canada MOOC

Watch now: In this webinar, Paul Gareau discusses the Indigenous Canada Massive Online Open Course from the University of Alberta that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada.

Teaching Treaty History in Canada

Wampum Belts

Focus on the importance of wampum belts for ceremonial and diplomatic purposes, as well as to mark agreements such as Treaties and covenants.

Unceded Land

Explain and expand upon the concept of unceded land.

Understanding Spirit and Intent

In this lesson students explore the concept of spirit and intent by investigating the differing views held by the Crown and First Nation peoples at the time of Treaty-making.

Reimagining History: "Righting" Treaty Wrongs

In this lesson students examine the idea of justice as it applies to Treaty interpretations.


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