Cover of Kayak Commemoration issue (September 2021)

We have two special issues for you — “Who Do We Remember... and How?” and “Symbols of Canada” — to help with your work in the classroom.

Please note: Due to overwhelming demand, print copies are no longer available. You may still register for the digital version and educational resources.

When we talk about people and things from Canada’s past, the conversation can get pretty intense, pretty fast. In this issue, we give your students some ideas about how to decide who and what deserve to be commemorated. They can also weigh the good and bad about some famous people and events. Would they honour them? If so, how?

PLUS you’ll have access to free lesson plans and resources.

Kayak’s commemoration issue is aimed at Grades 2–7.

Please note that the print versions of “Who Do We Remember... and How?” will be available in Spring 2022.

Cover representing Kayak Symbols issue

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From the kayak to the beaver, from the coat of arms to the fleur-de-lis, from the Raptors to the Métis flag, this issue is all about symbols in Canada. Whether it’s an official national symbol or one that predates Canada — or maybe just one that rules our hearts — readers will learn about all kinds of things that represent part of the story of our country.

PLUS you’ll have access to free lesson plans and resources.

This issue is aimed at Grades 2–7.

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