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Inspiring Canada’s best and brightest young people with their history and heritage since 1993.

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In this web chat, the 2018 Young Citizens share their tips, tricks, and advice for creating a winning Heritage Fair project.

What's The Story?

There are stories all around us, just waiting for you to tell them. What’s The Story? guides you through the process of telling a story that matters to you

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This year’s vote may be over but you can still watch over 1,000 Young Citizens’ videos.

Next Steps

Did you participate in Heritage Fairs? Take your project and create a short video about your topic as part of the Young Citizens program. You can share your story with people all across Canada (and there are great prizes, too!).

About Young Citizens

The Young Citizens program encourages inquiry and historical thinking, and provides students with the opportunity to engage with museums, historic sites, historians, and family members.