What's The Story?

There are stories all around us, just waiting for you to tell them. Your curiosity will help you discover them!

Posted September 2, 2022

What’s The Story? guides you through the process of telling a story that matters to you — choosing a topic, designing a good inquiry question, finding and assessing information, and deciding how, where and why to share your story.

The magazine is filled with tips and examples of projects from other kids across Canada. These examples come from the winning submissions in a national contest called #OurStoriesOurVoices, where students were asked to share the histories that mattered to them.

We hope you are inspired to explore the histories around you and share what you’ve discovered.

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Your Turn

Take what you’ve learned and put it into practice! Share your ideas online and see what answers other students have come up with.

Discover Your Story

On your way to school and your other activities, pay special attention to what you see. Come up with a list of things whose history you’d like to know more about — maybe it’s a person, an event, a place, an object, an idea.

Question Your Story

Think of a topic you are interested in and try making your own big question. Keep in mind the tips on page 6 of What’s The Story?

Explore Your Story

What types of sources could you use to answer your big question? Include book titles, website urls, museum names, and other specific details.

Share Your Story

How will you show other people what you’ve discovered? A poem, a video, a painting, a script, a display, a graphic novel, an essay, a presentation?

Heritage Fairs

Heritage Fairs are one of the best places to share what you’ve learned and explain why it matters.

Young Citizens

Young Citizens is another great program that lets you share your story with people all across Canada through creating a short video on your topic.

In the Classroom

The What’s The Story? educator’s guide provides teachers with suggested activities to accompany each prompt, so you and your students can get the most out of this publication.

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