Inspiring #OurStoriesOurVoices

Students who attended this virtual event discovered new stories from Canada’s past and felt inspired to share the histories that matter to them.

Hosted by Canada’s History Society

Posted April 8, 2021

What histories from your community do you think more Canadians should know about? How do you find stories that matter to you? How can you share stories about the past in engaging, powerful, and creative ways? These questions are at the heart of the #OurStoriesOurVoices program.

Canada’s National History Society hosted a virtual event to inspire students to turn their curiosity into inquiry and to use their voices to share the histories that matter to them through #OurStoriesOurVoices.

This event featured a presentation from Rito Joseph, speaker and founder of Black Montreal Experiences. Rito presented on Black history in Canada, sharing the stories of the Afro-descendant community. Following his presentation, Rito answered questions from the audience.

Inspiring #OurStoriesOurVoices was on April 22, 2021. Note that a French broadcast was also recorded.

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