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Posted February 26, 2021

The new deadline for #OurStoriesOurVoices is June 1, 2021.

Canada’s National History Society is proud to introduce #OurStoriesOurVoices, a new national youth program that gives students aged 9 to 18 the opportunity to explore a story that is important in their community’s past and to share the people, places, events, and things that illuminate our diverse past.

This program is designed for those who may already be familiar with Heritage Fairs/Young Citizens or are being introduced to historical inquiry for the first time. You are encouraged to further share, connect, and explore stories online using the hashtag #OurStoriesOurVoices / #NosHistoiresNosVoix throughout 2021.

This program has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

Getting Started


The #OurStoriesOurVoices national contest invites you to select a person, place, event, or thing in your community that other Canadians should know about. Then, share your research and analysis in a creative format of your choosing.

Starting off on the Right Foot (Choosing a Topic and Creative Response that Work Together)

Lessons on historical significance and primary source evidence have helped orient the “what” of your project. Now, here’s how to figure out the “how.”

In the Classroom

Discover resources and educational materials catered to educators and parents to help bring #OurStoriesOurVoices into the classroom.

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