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Annual Report 2022–23

By sharing our stories, we help to unite Canadians from coast to coast.

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Belief

The importance of understanding ourselves by examining our history has been an anchoring belief of Canada’s History Society. Established in 1994 through the generous support of the Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation, we bring relevance and awareness to our nation’s diverse past, illuminating the people, places, and events that unite us as Canadians.

The Governor General’s History Awards

Canada’s most prestigious history prize celebrates the achievements of history teachers, scholars, authors, community groups, and museums. Learn more about the Governor General’s Awards for Excellence in History.

Staff and Stakeholders

Board of Directors

The historians, publishing professionals and business leaders who offer stewardship and valuable industry insight.

Staff Listing

Located across the country, this is the dedicated team behind your favourite Canada’s History programs and publications.

Donors and Supporters

As a registered charity, Canada’s History is strengthened and sustained through charitable gifts of every size. We depend on the generosity of our donors to help us share our diverse stories with more Canadians.

Help share the stories that make Canada strong

At Canada’s History, we highlight our nation’s past by telling stories that illuminate the people, places, and events that unite us as Canadians, while understanding that diverse past experiences can shape multiple perceptions of our history.

Canada’s History is a registered charity. Generous contributions from readers like you help us explore and celebrate Canada’s diverse stories and make them accessible to all through our free online content.

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Join a powerful collective of Canada’s History most generous contributors and commit your passion and resources to strengthen educational and youth programs, build historical connections among diverse Canadian communities, and embrace powerful storytelling.

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Leave a gift in your will and fund extraordinary work that unites generations, strengthens historical ties, and drives forward vital educational, youth and award programs that will extend a lifetime of historical storytelling.

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