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Picturing Canada’s past starts with photographers and the scenes they captured.

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Bodies and brains all work differently. This issue explores those (dis)abilities throughout Canada’s past.


For as long as there have been people living in what we know as Canada, there’s been trash to deal with.

Finding Our Way

Canada’s an awfully big place. But since long before it was even a country right up to today, people have used all kinds of smart things to figure out where they’re going and how to get there.

Predicting the Weather

We’re so used to getting good, fast forecasts that we forget that wasn’t always true. In this issue, we explore some of the ways we’ve tried to figure out what weather to expect.

Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge

Top Illustrated Stories 2021

Here are the top entries for the 2021 Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge.

2020 Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge Winners

Stories of Canadian history are brought to life through the writing and images of this year’s winners.

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Canada’s Virtual Heritage Fair

COVID-19 forces adaptation and innovation for Canadian students.

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In this web chat, the 2018 Young Citizens share their tips, tricks, and advice for creating a winning Heritage Fair project.

Young Citizens

2021 Young Citizens Revealed

Celebrating ten years of building a national community of young storytellers

About Young Citizens

The Young Citizens program encourages inquiry and historical thinking, and provides students with the opportunity to engage with museums, historic sites, historians, and family members.