Predicting the Weather

We’re so used to getting good, fast forecasts that we forget that wasn’t always true. In this issue, we explore some of the ways we’ve tried to figure out what weather to expect.

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Who Do We Remember... and How?

All over Canada people are rethinking the people and events we commemorate (remember). Statues fall, schools and streets are renamed. How do we decide? And what do you think?


For hundreds of years, newspapers were about the only way people could learn what was happening outside their own area. Meet the people and papers that helped shape Canada from its earliest days to 1920.


Forts. Tipis. Maple syrup. Birch bark canoes. Log cabins. Wagons. (And yes, magazines.) Trees are a big part of the story of Canada.

Settling in Canada

When Europeans starting coming to North America to live, they changed everything. How did they affect the people who were already here? Where did the newcomers come from and where did they settle? And how did they live?

Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge

2020 Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge Winners

Stories of Canadian history are brought to life through the writing and images of this year’s winners.

2019 Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge Winners

Important moments from Canadian history are highlighted through colourful illustrations.

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Heritage Fairs

Canada’s Virtual Heritage Fair

COVID-19 forces adaptation and innovation for Canadian students.

Heritage Fairs Chat

In this web chat, the 2018 Young Citizens share their tips, tricks, and advice for creating a winning Heritage Fair project.

Young Citizens

2020 Young Citizens Revealed

Despite COVID-19, students showcase important Canadian histories.

About Young Citizens

The Young Citizens program encourages inquiry and historical thinking, and provides students with the opportunity to engage with museums, historic sites, historians, and family members.