About Heritage Fairs

Inspiring Canada’s best and brightest young people with their history and heritage since 1993.

Posted August 26, 2020

What is Heritage Fairs?

The Heritage Fairs program is a bilingual educational initiative that encourages students to explore Canada's heritage history in a fun and engaging learning environment. Participants use the medium of their choice to recount significant events, highlight famous people, or share family histories and present heritage items of personal value. In a series of public exhibits taking place across the country, students present their research findings to their classmates, families, and members of their community.

Founded in 1993, Heritage Fairs are now held in every province and territory of Canada. Each year, approximately 60,000 students aged 10 to 16 carry out research projects in the classroom. In addition, there are approximately 100,000 students who participate in the program by visiting one of the 900 school festivals fairs held across Canada. In April and May each year, the best projects are presented at one of the 85 regional, provincial, and territorial festivals fairs held across the country.

Each year, the Heritage Fairs program is made possible thanks to the dedication of 7,500 volunteers who ensure its culmination and success.

From Fairs to Young Citizens

Students who participate in Heritage Fairs also have the opportunity to represent their region in the Young Citizens program.

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