What's the Story?

A new publication for students about historical inquiry. 

Posted May 26, 2022

To support and equip teachers undertaking history research projects with their students as part of the Heritage Fairs program, we have set aside a number of copies of our most recent publication entitled What’s the Story? This 32-page educational resource helps students learn the concepts of historical thinking so they can more easily choose a research topic, formulate a good inquiry question, find and evaluate the information related to their topic, and decide how, where and why to tell their story.

We would like to offer copies of What’s the Story? to you and the teachers in your network who are participating in the Heritage Fairs program. You can use the online registration form here to reserve your copies (please note that there are 100 copies of magazines per box and you can order a maximum of 3 boxes, until quantities last ship). Note that you have until February 10, 2023 at the latest to reserve your magazine boxes. You may order copies in French and/or English.

For those who would like to preview the publication before placing an order, you can download it, for free, by visiting the following page: CanadasHistory.ca/WhatsTheStoryTeachers

Please note: Due to high demand, we are now out of print copies of the magazine. You may still register to receive the digital version and corresponding educational materials.

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