Editorial Guidelines

Canada’s History Society publishes Canada’s History magazine (formerly The Beaver) and Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.

Canada’s History is published six times a year in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founded in 1920 by the Hudson’s Bay Company, the magazine was acquired by Canada’s History Society in 1994 and is now the Society’s chief instrument in its efforts to promote interest in and knowledge of Canadian history.

Editorial Calendar 2024 — before submitting your proposal, please view our upcoming calendar. Line-up subject to change.

Editorial Guidelines — After reading our guidelines, send your submission to articles@canadashistory.ca.

 Please note: We do not publish memoirs. Currently, our editorial calendar is full and we will not be responding to new editorial proposals or queries until June 2024.

Kayak, Canada’s history magazine for kids, launched in 2004. It is published four times a year in English, with a shorter French version available in conjunction with the publication Les Débrouillards. A special digital issue is published online in both languages every year. Once a year, we publish a full-length print edition in French, and every issue is available digitally in French.

Kayak does not use freelance-generated poems or puzzles. Our limited budget only rarely allows for freelance contributions, which must fit with the issue’s theme and use age-appropriate language and concepts. If you have a story idea about Canadian history that would be of interest for readers aged seven to 13, please send a short email outline to the editor, along with an indication of your experience writing for children.