Make history in the company of Adventurers

Posted August 1, 2023

Join a powerful collective of Canada’s History most generous contributors and commit your passion and resources to strengthen educational and youth programs, build historical connections among diverse Canadian communities, and embrace powerful storytelling.

Your proactive philanthropic approach to historical thinking allows Canada’s National History Society to accelerate the delivery of our mission and invest in the future, where Canadians are deeply engaged in connecting with their shared past.

The work of Canada’s National History Society and the generosity and compassion of a diverse pool of philanthropists is uniting a growing family of Canadian supporters. We are fortunate to have initial leadership from Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg that provides momentum for continued innovation and support for the ongoing effort in celebrating Canada’s diverse past through education, storytelling, and programs.

The Society proudly represents 100+ years of storytelling and today delivers Canada’s history to 1.6 million Canadians through magazines, special publications, youth and national awards programs, etc. The diversity of our audience and the depth of historical interest is a catalyst for the growth ahead. It is Canada’s History Society’s uncompromisable goal to expand the audience reach and have all regions of Canada represented in our historical community.

It is people like you whose philanthropy helps us make history come alive. Together, we engage Canadians and inspire them to explore Canada’s diverse past, strengthen historical ties, build meaningful relationships and become present-day influencers of historical significance.

Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation

The Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation is Founding Patron and the largest private donor to Canada’s National History Society. The inspired philanthropic vision of HBC took root in 1994 with the creation of Canada’s first membership based history sharing platform. Today, Canada’s History reaches a national audience of 1.6 diverse and multigenerational community readers.


The Molson Foundation | TD Bank Group

$250,000 – $499,999

Colin J Adair Charitable Foundation | W John & Diana Bennett | Canada Life / Canada Vie | Dorothy Hollingsworth in memory of her husband William Nobleman | Edward & Stella Kennedy | Bruce MacLellan & Karen Girling | The Northpine Foundation | Power Corporation of Canada / Power Corporation du Canada | Richardson Foundation / La Fondation Richardson | H Sanford & Deborah Riley | River Philip Foundation | The Wilson Foundation | The Winnipeg Foundation

$100,000 – $249,999

James W Burns† | Bill & Judy Caulfeild-Browne | The Jackman Foundation | The Pollard Family Foundation / La Fondation de la famille Pollard | Jim & Leney Richardson | David Ross & Audrey Loeb

$50,000 – $99,999

E James Arnett | The Asper Foundation | James C Baillie | Douglas Barrington | Bell MTS | John Cleghorn and Family | James Cowan & Barbara Johnston | Honor Bonnycastle de Pencier & Michael de Pencier | Charlotte Gray & George Anderson | Greg Latremoille | Joe Martin | Michael† & Joy Phelps and Family | Richard W Pound | Michael & Barbara Rea | J Derek Riley† | Diane Stampfler† | Jean Vogan†

Discover Canada’s History in the company of Adventurers

This giving program provides enduring recognition of cherished supporters with cumulative giving of $50,000+.

Established in 2015 to recognize Canada’s National History Society’s most generous contributors, the company of Adventurers is a giving program that brings enduring recognition to cherished supporters whose cumulative giving has reached or exceeded $50,000 in total contributions.

The Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation is Founding Patron and the largest private to Canada’s National History Society History. The inspired philanthropic vision of HBC took root in 1994 with the creation of Canada’s first membership based history sharing platform.

Participants in the company of Adventurers may choose to support Canada’s History with major outright gifts or multi-year pledged contributions. A formalized pledge in the company of Adventurers entitles members to participate immediately in the program.

Unrestricted gifts, pledged over a period of three-to-five years are of significant benefit to the Society as they enhance our ability to plan and may be eligible for matching support from government programs. Canada’s History values the conversations we have with donors to achieve mutual goals and to extend our audience reach and deepen both engagement and educational opportunities with all Canadians.

Members in the company of Adventurers are recognized in perpetuity. Upon fulfillment of an outright gift or pledge that achieves initial membership in the company of Adventurers, participants are encouraged to keep their connection alive by participating in special events and supporting the Society’s annual or planned giving programs, including the Editor’s Circle or the Legacy Giving Circle.

Recognition in the company of Adventurers includes:

  • Your name(s) will be included in the company of Adventurers list appearing:
    • in the print version of the Canada’s History Society Annual Report and Honour Roll on the Canada’s History website
    • in special published lists in Canada’s History magazine
    • in special event programs, including the History Makers Gala presented to celebrate the annual recipients of the Governor General’s History Awards
  • Your name may be additionally recognized on the annual giving program listings such as the Honour Roll or Editor’s Circle for annual gifts made in any given year; and/or the Legacy Giving Circle recognizing planned gift intent, bequest or endowment giving
  • You will receive invitations to special events of Canada’s History Society
  • You will be provided with an annual Impact Report featuring Society, program, and project developments

In addition to public recognition, Canada’s History Society will develop individualized stewardship plans for active members in the company of Adventurers. Plans may include curated individualized stewardship experiences or events such as personalized reports, affinity with a program or project of special interest; the opportunity to meet historians, writers, educators or speakers etc.

Interested in learning more?

Call Pat Gerow at 1.844.852.7377, x220 or email her at

Embrace the Legacy Giving Circle

Leave a gift in your will and fund extraordinary work that unites generations, strengthens historical ties, and drives forward vital educational and youth programs that will extend a lifetime of historical storytelling.


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