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Discover Your Story (Be Curious!)

On your way to school and your other activities, pay special attention to what you see. Come up with a list of things whose history you’d like to know more about — maybe it’s a person, an event, a place, an object, an idea.

Discover Your Story

I wonder what would of happened if Patrick Vincent Coleman didn't send the message to the train?

Kianna, 10

charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

I wonder what would have happened if viola Desmond didn't stand up for her self? how different would the world be?

Tejaiah, 13

toronto, Ontario

Museum station

Makenzie , 12

Scarborough , Ontario

Warden woods

Saffa, 12

Toronto, Ontario

Little Face Photography

Abdalrhman, 12

toronto, Ontario

Warden Woods Community Centre

Saffa, 12

Toronto, Ontario

I wonder when the ROM decided they wanted to add the big crystal

saheim, 13

toronto, Ontario

i wonder when UFT was built?

Ali, 13

toronto, Ontario

When did toronto become the most populous city in canada, and how?

Mukhtar, 13

Toronto, Ontario

I wonder when The CN Tower was built and who made it? I also wonder how tall the CN Tower is and what the history is behind it.

Rumi, 13

Toronto, Ontario

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