History Bits

Incredible tales from Canada’s past.

Posted November 2, 2021

History Bits is a new animated web series exploring a diverse range of topics, from overcoming racism in Africville, Nova Scotia, to the historic fight for women’s voting rights, to the struggle to survive the dustbowl era of the Dirty Thirties. Each action-packed episode highlights the courage, creativity, and perseverance of Canadians from the past.

History Bits was inspired by comics that appear in Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids, written by Kayak editor Nancy Payne and illustrated by Alex Diochon, and published by Canada’s History Society.

Supplemental educational materials for teachers and parents will be provided so that they can more deeply explore the stories and themes with young viewers.

Episode 1: Flying and Spying

Chinese-Canadian Kam Len “Doug” Sam serves in the air force in the Second World War. Shot down in France, he gathers critical information as a spy for the Allies.

Please note that this video has some French speaking parts. Turn on captions if you require subtitling.

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Episode 2: The Dust Bowl

Prairie families in the 1930s watch their farms — and hopes — blow away while they wait for rain.

Episode 3: Railway Men

Ride the rails across Canada with Black sleeping car porters as they fight for labour rights and civil rights.

Episode 4: Remembering Africville

The city of Halifax bulldozes a Black settlement that had stood for 250 years, destroying a community but not its spirit.

Episode 5: No Votes for Men

Nellie McClung and a group of devoted suffragists stage their mock parliament to make a point about women’s equality.

Episode 6: Wildfire

Meet Tom Longboat, an Onondaga long distance runner who becomes a world-class athlete.

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