October-November 2020

See what’s available in the October-November 2020 issue of Canada’s History.

Posted September 14, 2020
Cover of the October-November 2020 issue featuring a photo of Dora Klengenberg, taken by Lorene Squire.

October-November 2020


The Names and Knowledge Initiative

Discovering Indigenous peoples, places, and understandings in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. by Michelle Rydz and James Gorton Read the story

Life on the Land

For decades, The Beaver depicted Indigenous societies as primitive peoples in need of “civilization.” In actuality, the magazine’s images reveal vibrant cultures, resilient communities, and crucial new perspectives on the North. by Karine Duhamel

Tamed and Untamed

In The Beaver, wildlife was something to be simultaneously admired and exploited. by Tina Loo

Weaving Shared Histories

The Hudson’s Bay Company’s story is intertwined with the lives of Indigenous peoples. by Jennifer Moore Rattray

On the Move

How changes in transportation and technology transformed both Indigenous and non-Indigenous societies in the North. by Ken McGoogan and Mark Collin Reid

On the cover

Dora Klengenberg, photographed by Lorene Squire. This is a rare image — a photo of a woman by a woman — that was created at a time when few female photographers were given opportunities to work alone in Canada’s remote northern wilderness.


Editor’s Note

Reframing the North.


The editors and photographers who made The Beaver and Canada’s History magazines. Quirky moments from early issues. Readers’ choices for our all-time greatest magazine covers.


The Beaver magazine has occupied major buildings in key sections of historic downtown Winnipeg.


Reviews: Unsettled treaties. Exercising self-control. More books: Great War recipes, urban village, P.E.I. “bioshelter,” military medicine. Read them all

History Matters

Reflections on the future of Canada’s history.


Ottawa newlyweds arrive on the shore of Great Slave Lake before a summer in the Northwest Territories.

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