December 2019-January 2020

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Posted November 18, 2019
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December 2019-January 2020


The Great Viking Hoax

The way Canadian experts reacted to a dubious find tells us more about the desire for a Norse presence here than about the artifacts themselves. by Douglas Hunter

A Brief Parole

African-American singer and activist Paul Robeson’s short 1956 tour of Canada gave him a welcome respite from his treatment at home. by David Frank

The Legendary Nancy

In peacetime and during war, a storied ship sailed into Ontario’s maritime history. by Bruce Kemp

Gender Terror

Echoes of the Montreal massacre linger today. An essay marks the thirtieth anniversary of the tragedy. by Francine Pelletier

On the cover

A portrait of a Viking re-enactor.


Editor’s Note

Artifacts and fiction.

The Packet

Peaceful memories. Red River Resistance remembered.


Oh, baby! UNESCO recognizes NCTR archives. Historian Tim Cook elected to Royal Society of Canada. Historic Ontario store set to close. The Treaty of Ghent. Siege finds new life. Crossing the continent. A league of their own. Remembering Desmond Morton.

Trading Post

A mid-twentieth-century transceiver helped Hudson's Bay Company employees in remote locations to stay connected.


Anxious to belong. Cringeworthy muddling. Public works. Moving experiences. Beyond the routine. In the pocket. More books: Train porters, wartime cyclists, costume designs, residential schools, multicultural city, Métis community. Read them all

Holiday Book & Gift Guide

Our 16th-annual adverising section offers a great selection of books for history lovers and other readers.


A coastal trail near Halifax reveals hidden Canadian military history.

History Matters

How Canada’s History’s subscribers are helping to ensure a future for history in Canada.


Three sisters ride the rails on a fine summer day in northern Saskatchewan.

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