December 2018-January 2019

See what’s available in the December 2018-January 2019 issue of Canada’s History magazine.

Posted November 14, 2018
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December 2018-January 2019


Pirates For Hire

Privateers were legalized pirates, fighting for both profit and patriotism during wartime. by Dean Jobb

Magnetic North

In the 1930s, a young writer and photographer for The Beaver set out on a northern adventure but never made it home. by Katherine Schumm

Dancing His Own Line

Benjamin Chee Chee’s life came to a tragic end after a successful but short career as an artist. by Ernie Bies

Macabre Discovery

The legend of a French-Canadian folklore character becomes true history after the discovery of her cage. by André Pelchat Listen to the podcast

On the cover

A swashbuckling privateer, pistols brandished, boards a ship in search of plunder in this painting by David Palumbo.


Editor’s Note

Making waves.

The Packet

Not-so-ancient history. Red flags. Mental-health awareness.


Armistice declared in the war on weed. History: take two. Canadian soldier honoured in Belgium. Canada’s official languages. Brush Strokes: Peter Clapham Sheppard’s Arrival of the Circus.

Trading Post

Surgical tools were supplied to HBC post managers in remote locations.


Vancouver-area museums showcase Indigenous arts and culture.

Creative Voices

Celebrating the winners of the Indigenous Arts & Stories competition.

Holiday Book & Gift Guide

Our 15th-annual advertising section offers a wide selection of books and gifts for Canadian history lovers.


Daily grind. Eyes wide open. More books: veterans’ sacrifices, queering Toronto, forensic investigator, enormous lake. Read them all

Christopher Moore

Canadians need to pick more than just the low-hanging fruit of history.


Men work to clear a logjam on Newfoundland’s Terra Nova River.

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