February-March 2023

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Posted January 9, 2023

February-March 2023


Rage Against the Noose

How four Canadian journalists helped to kill capital punishment. by Cecil Rosner

The Devil’s Brigade

A Second World War commando unit terrorized the enemy with skill and stealth. by David Pugliese

Refashioning Canada

Designers and models of the Caribbean diaspora brought a new aesthetic to haute couture. by Cheryl Thompson


The mysterious origins and enduring popularity of Canada’s favourite parlour game. by Nancy Payne Read the article

On the covers

Refashioning Canada: Taken in 1969, this photo is of Marianne Skanks, a 16-year-old model whose mother was a fashion designer. Photo: Tom Olsen/Toronto Star Archives.

Devil’s Brigade: Artist Axana Zasorina’s rendition of First Special Service Force (FSSF) Lieutenant Joseph Kostelec, after a photo taken in Noci, Italy, on January 2, 1944. Surrounding scenes depict the activities of the FSSF.


Editor’s Note

Devils and the details.

The Packet

Hoop dreams. Penny for your thoughts.


Object of Interest: Prayer shawl. Canada’s first lacrosse superstar. Construction effort a towering achievement. From the Archives: Wonderful wetlands. By the Numbers: The 1923 Halibut Treaty. Yukon turns 125.

Trading Post

A 1940s dress blazer was worn by a Hudson’s Bay Company post manager.


The Diefenbunker museum shows Canada’s underground Cold War history. At the museums: Nineteenth-century photographer, Haida artist.


Open Book: Excerpt from Valley of the Birdtail: An Indian Reserve, a White Town, and the Road to Reconciliation. Reviews: Wonderfully eloquent. Reshaping the landscape. Pride and grief. More books: Nakoda stories, mountain guide, murderous doctor, hard drug, Titanic tales. Read them all

History Matters

Celebrating the achievements of the 2021 and 2022 Governor General’s History Awards laureates.


Large boats were hauled ashore for winter near Moose Factory, Ontario.

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