April-May 2022

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Posted March 9, 2022

April-May 2022


Shear Style

From press and curls to Afros and dreadlocks, Black hairstyling has undergone many twists and turns through the decades. by Cheryl Thompson Read the article

Hair in the Press

Throughout the twentieth century, newspaper and magazine commentators swooned and swore over a panoply of faddish hairstyles. by Jo McCutcheon

The Railrodder

Silent-film star Buster Keaton drove the last spike in his movie career with a tragicomic cross-Canada journey. by Gare Joyce

Exploration and Empire

In 1793 fur trader Alexander Mackenzie undertook a perilous and unprecedented journey across the Great Divide. by Barry Gough

The Quickening Flavour

First used by the Dene, Slave River salt deposits became a critical resource for HBC fur traders. by Patrick Carroll

On the Cover

A re-imagined scene of Alexander Mackenzie’s 1793 trek in a canoe paddled by voyageurs, painted in 2022 by Robert Carter.


Editor’s Note

To boldly go.

The Packet

Reel appraisal. Notes and appreciation. The full picture.


Tips and tricks for deciphering messy handwriting.


Cooking up a Constitution solution. Canada’s forgotten conservationist. Love me tender? Winging it in coastal Labrador. Virtual talking circles help to keep the Métis Michif language alive.

Trading Post

Passes and tokens were required to cross the bridge to St. Boniface, Manitoba.


Foundations of Quebec City. At the museums: Indigenous abstraction, new wave fashion, canoes.


Reviews: Heart of culture. Nuclear tensions. Art of command. More books: Maritimes crimes, ties that bind, flying high latitudes, riding in style, white coal city, settler femininity, passing the buck, lucky in love. Read them all

History Matters

Connecting Canadians through Projet Portage.


A circus elephant visits the HBC store in Port Alberni, B.C.

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