December 2021-January 2022

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Posted December 1, 2021

December 2021-January 2022


Car Nation

The first automobile revolution reshaped Canada in the twentieth century. Now get ready for the second. by Dimitry Anastakis

Think on Me

In the 1940s contralto Portia May White was celebrated as Canada’s singing sensation. by Sylvia D. Hamilton Listen to her play

First in Her Class

Pioneering feminist Grace Annie Lockhart earned the degree that broke men’s monopoly on higher education. by Sydney Lockhart

Laird on the Lam

A railway swindle by a fake Scottish nobleman sparked an international security incident on the Canada–U.S. border. by Clive Webb

On the Cover

Yousuf Karsh’s portrait of Portia White, January 1946.


Editor’s Note

Memories of the Pony express.

The Packet

Fantastic family history. POW stories appreciated. Banjos make heartstrings sing. Chief’s courage inspiring.


Inherited someone’s family-history files? Here’s how to avoid tossing them all in the dumpster.


Curious cartography in Nova Scotia. British Columbia switches lanes. From the Archives: Thinking green in the Far North. Your Story: An Ontario girl’s act of generosity touches hearts on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. Moment: Agnes Macphail’s election shatters Canada’s political glass ceiling.

Trading Post Drive

A weather vane survived target practice at York Factory, in what is now northern Manitoba.


Reviews: Doing their part. Illustrating survival. Coastal chronicle. Candid reflections. More books: Arctic voyages, red-light capital, prison riot, enthusiastic reception, women’s activism, veterans’ experiences, abortion on trial. Read them all

Book and Gift Guide

Our 18th-annual special advertising section showcases books for history lovers and other readers.

History Matters

Award-winning teacher inspires her students to record their pandemic experiences for posterity.


Immigrants from Lebanon celebrate a family wedding.

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