October-November 2021

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Posted September 8, 2021

October-November 2021


Barbed Wire Ballads

Music and poetry helped two Canadian soldiers endure captivity, hunger, and forced labour in a Second World War German POW camp. by Don Cummer

Pluck & Prowess

Harp virtuoso Winifred Bambrick defied her age and travelled the world. by Mary E. Hughes Listen to her play

On the cover

Canadians were among forty thousand POWs interned at Stalag XI-B at Fallingbostel, Germany, the first prisoner of war camp liberated by the Allies on April 16, 1945. (Imperial War Museums/BU 3661)

In The Beaver

Agowigiiwinan Bezhig Minawaa Niizhin

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Treaties One and Two gives us all an opportunity to honour our ancestors’ sacred promises to live in peace and to share the bounty of the land. by Wabi Benais Mistatim Equay (Cynthia Bird)

Headwaters of Their Own Stream

Battling racism, discrimination, and exclusion, seven artists formed the Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. to fight for professional respect and political self-determination. by Michelle LaVallee

On the cover

Jackson Beardy, Nanabush Catches the Eagle, 1972 (Don Hall, courtesy of the Mackenzie Art Gallery.)


Editor’s Note

The Beaver returns.

The Packet

Debatable history. Myth stakes. Flight facts. Wise words.


Historic boathouse restoration making waves in Ottawa. A young Oscar Peterson. Photographing abandoned buildings on the prairies. A trapper’s tale.

Trading Post

A pair of smoked-moosehide moccasins is trimmed with beaver fur.

Your Story

A birthday calendar from 1941 reveals the personal side of a prairie insurance magnate.


His Irish birthplace honours Thomas D’Arcy McGee. At the museums: Modern women artists, Italo-Montrealers.


Open Book: Excerpt from I Can Only Paint. Reviews: Seasoned raconteur. Witnessing conflict. More books: women during war, gold rush stagecoach, legacies of eugenics, soldiers in Newfoundland, youth squads. Read them all

History Matters

Newly installed Governor General of Canada an inspiration to all Canadians.


A curling team comprised of RCAF veterans poses at a rink in Quebec City.

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