February-March 2021

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Posted January 12, 2021

February-March 2021


Life in the Ward

Toronto’s original immigrant neighbourhood was alive with the sights and sounds of many cultures. by Lauren Luchenski and Ashley Henrickson

Cold War Crisis

The ashes of the Second World War had barely cooled when the world was faced with a new and terrifying threat. by Tim Cook

“It's war. It's war. It's Russia”

Russian defector Igor Gouzenko’s chilling warning of a Soviet spy ring in Ottawa sent shock waves through Canada and the West. by Brendan McShane

Lonely Warrior

How Tommy Burns, the only Canadian-born world heavyweight boxing champion, was knocked flat for his refusal to toe the colour line. by Kerry Banks Watch the video

Manufacturing Hope

The discovery of insulin a century ago extended the lives of millions of diabetics. But the breakthrough was fraught with drama, competition, and conflict. by John Lorinc Read the article

On the cover

Insulin at 100: Charles H. Best, left, and Frederick G. Banting, right.


Editor’s Note

Screening history.

The Packet

Under pressure. A century of history. Judge not.


Early computer game wows Canadians. Alberta boy’s fossil find makes headlines worldwide. Mining town picks new moniker. A quarter century of the toonie.

Trading Post

A vibrant quilt was hand-sewn for a former editor of The Beaver.


New murals add to the northern colour in Churchill, Manitoba. Canadian historic sites recognized.


Reviews: Building relationships. Farmer-controlled company. Household manners. Minding the gap. Family empire. More books: Conservation milestone, African Nova Scotian, dogged detective, landscape painter, women’s stories. Q&A: Ian Milligan. Read them all

History Matters

Introducing the recipients of the 2020 Governor General’s History Awards.


A woman from a family of travelling performers.

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