February-March 2020

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Posted January 15, 2020

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February-March 2020


Arctic Atlantis

The race to find an elusive continent in the Far North consumed explorers for a quarter of a century. by Janice Cavell

Fashion’s Queen

How an Ontario farm girl became the most famous fashion designer of the Edwardian era. by Hugh Brewster

Northern Visions

Exploring the striking Arctic paintings of Hilton Hassell. by Mark Collin Reid

A Grateful Nation

Seventy-five years after the Second World War, the Dutch work to keep alive the memory of their Canadian liberators. by Mark Collin Reid

Before Toronto

Canada’s largest city is rediscovering its Indigenous roots. by Bill Moreau

On the covers

Fashion Queen: Lily Elsie as “Angéle Didier” in The Count of Luxembourg by Foulsham & Banfield, published by Rotary Photographic Co. Ltd., postcard print, 1911.

Arctic Atlantis: Robert Edwin Peary, Sr., (1856–1920) American explorer who claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole with his expedition on April 6, 1909.

Frederick Cook claimed he had reached the Pole a year earlier but this has always been disputed. First undisputed explorers to walk on the North Pole ice were documented in 1969 during a British expedition led by Sir Walter William (Wally) Herbert (1934–2007).


Editor’s Note

Myth-ing the mark.

The Packet

Remembering the Nancy. Hiking Duncan’s Cove. Dialled in.


From the Archives: Saving the trumpeter swan. RCMP centennial. Hawker Hurricane on display. Prairie boys hit number one. Riel coin minted. Righting wrongful convictions. The Enchanted Owl spreads its wings.


The final chapter of our three-part guide for family historians. by Paul Jones

Trading Post

A 1920s Bible bag, made by a Cree or Métis woman, features intricate beadwork.


Environmental identities. Grassland ventures. Gateway city. More books: textile workers, internment camp, historic sites, radical housewives, hardscrabble city, blind mechanic. Read them all


A hike along the Chilkoot Trail follows a route used by traders and gold rush prospectors.

History Matters

As HBC celebrates 350 years of business, we ask readers to share their stories, recollections, and photographs of North America’s oldest company.


A rural pastor poses with his fellow hunters and their day’s catch of rabbits.

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