April-May 2019

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Posted March 13, 2019
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April-May 2019


Standing Together

The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike remains an unparalleled moment of solidarity among Canadian workers. by James Naylor Read the “Tipping Point

Mother of Sorrows

How the great Toronto stork derby — a baby-making contest during the Great Depression — destroyed one woman’s life. by Joel Fishbane

Dodging Disaster

The eventful life of Hilda Slayter Lacon, who survived not one but two of the twentieth century’s worst disasters. by Michael Dupuis

The Unbeatable Batteau

Before the advent of modern canals and ships, a unique boat was ideally suited for travel on the turbulent St. Lawrence River. by Joe Calnan

On the cover

Rioters overturn a streetcar during the Winnipeg General Strike, June 21, 1919.


Editor’s Note

Taking a stand.

The Packet

Capturing family history. The test of time. The question of commemoration. Misleading words.


British Columbia’s labour movement. Canada’s national sports. Twentieth anniversary of Nunavut. Charting Annapolis County. The fastest game on two feet.

Trading Post

Northwest Coast Indigenous groups used various styles of bark shredders.


The Winnipeg General Strike still echoes on the streets of the Manitoba capital.

Chris Moore

All citizens need to be wary of powerful figures who use racist fear-mongering for political ends.


Open book: Excerpt from Symbols of Canada. Reviews: Mustering the details. Export business. Revealing refuse. More books: pandemic sadness, war on ice. Read them all

History Matters

History champions from across the country converged in Ottawa to celebrate the Governor General’s History Awards.


The gravestone of a member of the British Arctic Expedition.

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