February-March 2019

See what’s available in the February-March 2019 issue of Canada’s History magazine.

Posted January 16, 2019
Magazine cover

February-March 2019


The Trials of John A.

Examining the complicated and controversial legacy of Prime Minister John A. Macdonald. by Frédéric Boily, Charlotte Gray, Lee Maracle, and Christopher Moore

Old-School DIY

Your guide to surviving Canada throughout the ages. by Brooke Campbell, Kaitlin Vitt, and Mark Collin Reid

The Battle for February 2

The groundhog wasn’t always Canadians’ choice for predicting the end of winter. by Alan MacEachern

Racing Against the Best

Canada’s Louise Armaindo went wheel-to-wheel with the top bicycle racers of the 1880s, often defeating her male rivals. by M. Ann Hall

On the cover

A portrait of Prime Minister John A. Macdonald that was made in Ottawa in January 1868 by William James Topley.


Editor’s Note

The past, tense.

The Packet

Back in time. Treaties and the Treaty relationship. Canadian’s legacy lives on.


Highlighting history makers in the community. Canada's canvas. Fifty years of Festival du Voyageur. Introducing Mickey the Beaver. Canadian Vietnam veteran remembered.

Trading Post

An ivory cribbage board is inscribed with depictions of life in the Far North.


Hope and heartbreak along Newfoundland and Labrador’s Bonavista Peninsula.


Exploring creativity. Creatures of their time. Resource culture. A foreign land. Chaotic beginnings. More books: bouncing bombs, approaching local history, transcribing war stories, speaking freely, facing the frontier. Read them all


Home DNA tests are helping to solve police cold cases. by Paul Jones

History Matters

How historical thinking concepts can help to assess monument controversies. by Lindsay Gibson


A truck loaded with iceburg lettuce in British Columbia’s Joe Rich Valley.

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