April-May 2018

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Posted March 7, 2018
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April–May 2018


Final Flight of the Red Baron

Did a Canadian, Captain Roy Brown, shoot down and kill Germany’s greatest First World War flying ace? by Joel Ralph Watch the Red Baron on film

Children of Industry

From the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, desperate poverty drove many children into gruelling work to help their families survive. by Ashley Henrickson

1918: Year of the Conscript

Once seen as shirkers or worse, First World War conscripts are starting to receive the recognition they have long been denied. by Patrick M. Dennis

A Bravura Life

Eva Gauthier pushed boundaries in both music and early twentieth-century comportment during her remarkable international musical career. by Nathan M. Greenfield Listen to Eva Gauthier now

On the cover

Canadian pilot Roy Brown pursues the Red Baron near Amiens, France, in the original painting by aviation artist Neil Hipkiss.


Editor’s Note

A real dogfight.

The Packet

Righting wrongs. Jarring logjam. Explosive information.


The future of D-Day house. CPR’s Chinese labourers. Windows to the past in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Imjin Classic brings Canadians and Koreans to the ice.

Trading Post

Europeans adopt clay tobacco pipes from North America’s Indigenous peoples.


When it comes to genealogy, there’s no place like home.


Open book: Images from Art Deco Architecture across Canada. Reviews: Agony in stone. Fraternizing with the many. Sharing the burden. More books: Where the buffalo roam, border crossings, civil war Montreal, Japanese-Canadian dispossession. Read them all

Christopher Moore

What can we learn from digitizing history?


Exploring Nova Scotia’s Balmoral Grist Mill.

From the Archives

On the hunt for a historic Hudson Bay island, plus more stories from the Spring 1971 issue of The Beaver.

History Matters

Nobleman scholarships offer tremendous opportunity for young historians.


Washing day on Toronto’s Centre Island.

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