October-November 2017

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Posted September 13, 2017
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October-November 2017



From axes and oxen to the perilous work of guiding logs downriver to market, Canada has a rich forestry history. by David Lee and Mark Collin Reid

Worlds Apart

Visits to Central Canada in 1886 gave some Plains First Nations chiefs a disturbing glimpse into their future. by Donald B. Smith and Doug Cuthand. Read the story

First Bank

The Bank of Montreal, now 200 years old, has had a hand in many of Canada’s defining historical moments. by Laurence B. Mussio


From brewers, to rail barons, to oil-and-gas giants, these are some of the business tycoons who changed Canada. by Joseph E. Martin Read the story

On the cover

This colourized photograph of two men chopping down a large tree in British Columbia was taken about 1885 by an unknown photographer. It was gifted to the McCord Museum by Stanley G. Triggs.


Editor’s Note

Cutting-edge history

The Packet

Dieppe theory challenged. Praise for Dieppe article. American in the picture. A rainy day at Expo. Mental wealth. Uncomfortable truth.


Lost stories found. The voices of the Kaurs. Eye-popping art. Redesign breathes new life into the Canada Science and Technology Museum. New Inuit Art Centre is a bridge to the North.

Trading Post

A Dene loom bow involves a display of mathematical virtuosity.


Q&A: Marconi biographer Marc Raboy. Reviews: Coming and going. Grounded in culture. Executive animosity. More books: freedom on canvas, prairie dispossession, concrete towers, military manpower. Read them all

Christopher Moore

Solving a mystery surrounding John McCrae’s famous poem.

Indigenous Arts & Stories

Celebrating the work of young Indigenous writers and artists.


Portrait shows senior staff of a Canadian company that sold pills throughout Asia.

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