June-July 2017

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Posted June 1, 2017
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June–July 2017


The Big Questions of Canada

How can Canada be a global leader? by Romeo Dallaire
Does Canadian culture need protecting? by Charlotte Gray
Is gender equality achievable? by Merna Forster
What does it mean to be a nation of immigrants? by Adrienne Clarkson
Does federalism have a future? by Andrew Coyne
How do we achieve true reconciliation? by Ry Moran

Rooted in Resilience

Long before Confederation, Indigenous people had their own complex systems of rights, rules, and responsibilities. by Joanne DeCosse Read the article

Mission Impossible

An eleventh-hour-stand-in for the world's fair, montreal scrambled to get Expo 67 ready on time. by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau Read the article

Canada’s First Separatist

Joseph Howe was determined to heep his beloved Nova Scotia from being forced into Confederation. by Dean Jobb

True or False

While celebrating Canada's birthday, Canadians might want to take some time to separate myth from fact. by Ed Whitcomb Read the article

Forgotten Father

Sir Étienne-Paschal Taché was the little-known game-changer for Confederation. by Peter Black

Where History Was Made

The protection of a French fort in Nova Scotia one hundred years ago launched Canada’s National Historic Sites system. Kate Jaimet

On the cover

The cover was designed by art director James Gillespie and includes a variety of images representing the issues raised in our Big Questions feature.


Editor’s Note

Big Questions

The Packet

Touched by Vimy. De-lionizing Vimy. A real page-turner. Deep roots in Quebec. Historic jewel. Call it what it is. Headed for the landfill.

Trading Post

Bale seals were crimped to fur bundles ready for sale.


Cheering Confederation. Indigenous artist's bold strokes. Tom Thompson's lasting legacy. Documenting Expo 67.


Canada's arts and culture have evolved with the times.

Christopher Moore

Why do women trail men when it comes to winning awards for academic history writing in Canada?


Model biographies. Developing relationships. Select Quebecers. More Books: Country crossing, a province's patriotism, sacred artifacts, natural historian.

Summer Reading Guide

Just in time for Canada 150, our special advertising selection offers summer reading choices for Canadian history lovers!

History Matters

Confederation's sesquicentennial is the perfect time to reconnect with our fellow Canadians.


Musician Bobby Gimby leads Ottawa public school students in a centennial parade.

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