April-May 2023

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Posted March 8, 2023

April-May 2023


Hunting Lincoln's Killer

A Canadian officer led the expedition to capture the American president’s assassin. by Julian Sher More on Canada and the American Civil War

Bonds of Empire

Canada and India bear the marks of British and French imperial history. by Madhuparna Gupta More on Canada-India connections

Home-Front Green Gables

A daily diary chronicles life on Prince Edward Island during the Second World War. by Alan MacEachern

Wreck & Rescue

Nova Scotia fishermen saved some four hundred people from the doomed SS Atlantic. by Bob Chaulk

On the cover

Born in Canada, Edward P. Doherty joined the Union Army in the U.S. Civil War. At war’s end, he was tasked with hunting down the killer of President Abraham Lincoln.


Editor’s Note

Of rescue and regret.

The Packet

Bearing witness. Holiday reading.


Red serge sesquicentennial. Filles du roi film. History makers: Foster Hewitt. Coin discovery a noble achievement. Object of interest: Saint-Jean de Louisbourg bell.


From faux nobles to absconding ancestors, family trees can contain plenty of checkered characters.


A breakaway Quaker sect built a remarkable temple north of present-day Toronto. At the museums: Canadian modern designs, the art of news.


Conspiracy practised. Force of water. Northern enigma. Irresistible campaigner. More books: Hollywood relics, notorious bandit, Plains of Abraham, Vancouver vice, artistic icon, Haida elder. Read them all

History Matters

Governor General’s History Award-winning teacher and her students play key role in new heritage designation for Halifax home.


A teacher and her students pose for a photograph near Perth, Ontario.

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