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See what’s in the February 2020 issue of Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids.

Posted January 21, 2020

Since long before Canada was a country, there have been families of all different kinds here.

Some people have a pretty simple family tree, but lots of others have something more like a family forest to show how they’re related to others.

In this issue, we also test your knowledge of famous Canadian families and challenge you to help kids find their way home.

Join So-lin, a Chinese girl about to get a new life in Canada, and check out our comic to see whether another girl will ever discover what makes a “normal” family.

Whether you have lots of sisters and brothers or none, have one parent or two, live with a guardian or a grandparent, you’re part of a family.

And as you read the February issue of Kayak, think about this question: What does family mean to YOU?

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