February-March 2018

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Posted February 1, 2017
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February–March 2018


Finding Vinland

The evidence appears overwhelming for the location of the legendary Norse settlement. by Birgitta Wallace

Mercy Mission

When polio struck an Inuit community in the late 1940s, it led to a tragedy that shocked the country. by Christopher J. Rutty.

Radio Queens

When radio was as hot as social media is today, some female broadcasters had tremendous star power. Listen to their audio clips by Nelle Oosterom and Garry Moir

War Correspondence

The Goldberg brothers’ letters home shine a light on the devastation Canadian families suffered during the Second World War. by Jeff Keshen

On the cover

A detail of Sommernat under den grønlandske Kyst Aar 1000 (Summer night at the coast of Greenland in the year 1000), 1875, by J.E.C. Rasmussen.


Editor’s Note

Well-versed about Vikings.

The Packet

Trains story was on track. Harsh Measures. Measuring the might of the Halifax explosion.


Picturing the prairies. Painting the Arctic. Exploring the Asian-Canadian experience during the Second World War. Viewing Vikings.

Trading Post

An early nineteenth-century dinnerware set was made for fine dining.


Open book: Excerpt from Travellers through Empire: Indigenous Voyages from Early Canada. Reviews: Shared ambitions. Contested ground. Beyond apprehension. More books: Confederation diary, Salish weaving, Newfoundland defenders, Viola Desmond’s country. Read them all

Christopher Moore

Has free trade been a boon or a bust for Canada?


Exploring Saskatoon’s boomtown era.

From the Archives

A wolf pack hunts caribou in the North, plus more stories from the March 1952 issue of The Beaver.

History Matters

Young Citizens explore the past and look to the future during their trip to Ottawa.


A unique Yukon wedding aboard a steamer bound for Whitehorse.

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