August-September 2022

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Posted July 4, 2022

August-September 2022


Patriotes Down Under

After fighting for democracy in the failed Rebellions of 1837–38, political prisoners were exiled to Australian penal colonies. by Deke Richards

Sitting on Fire

In 1972, Canada took in thousands of Ugandan Asians who were stripped of their citizenship and given ninety days to leave their homeland. by Shezan Muhammedi

Into the Light

Often overlooked or misattributed, the works of Canada’s earliest women photographers are now being rediscovered. by Laura Jones Read the article (extra images online)

Original Storytelling

An Ontario pioneer village works with Anishinaabe communities to tell a fuller story of settlement and its impacts. by Nancy Payne

On the Cover

Three Patriotes fight in the 1837–38 Rebellion of Lower Canada in an illustration by Chase Stone.


Editor’s Note

May longings.

The Packet

Famine thoughts. Fuelling curiosity.


New life for Hudson’s Bay Company store. Mi’kmaw artifacts heading home. Remembering the 1972 Summit Series. From the Archives: New life springs from forest fire’s ashes. Object of Interest: Residential school student’s suitcase.

Trading Post

A striking wedding dress was worn in 1896 and then passed down through the generations.

Annual Report

Celebrating the successes of 2021–22. Plus our annual honour roll of donors.


Public gardens across Canada offer occasions to connect with our natural history. At the museums: Black Canadians’ military service, Métis give birth to a province.


Open Book: Excerpt from Ice War Diplomat: Hockey Meets Cold War Politics at the 1972 Summit Series. Reviews: Daring voyageurs. Problematic relationships. Shadow figures. Unmistakable voice. More books: Flight casualties, island utopia, internment memoir, urban vignettes, nuclear North. Read them all


Two sisters from Norway worked at a Saskatchewan hotel until they were able to connect with one sister’s husband.

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