April-May 2021

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Posted March 15, 2021

April-May 2021


Magnetic North

Amelia Earhart was drawn time and again to Canada. Her experiences here set her on a path for a celebrated life — and a tragic death. by Bill Zuk

The Monster Who Loved Canada

Joachim von Ribbentrop’s charmed life in Canada betrayed little of his future role as a Nazi war criminal. by Cec Jennings

Dreams of Harmony

Although the utopian Finnish co-operative on British Columbia’s Malcolm Island was short-lived, its influence has persisted. by Nancy Payne

Making It Count

Canada’s first census was launched in 1666, but it took three hundred years to be truly completed — by a rebel historian who championed Quebec’s Quiet Revolution. by Christopher Moore Read the article

On the cover

Pilot Amelia Earhart in 1930. (Alamy)


Editor’s Note

Border lines.

The Packet

Inspiring encounter. Seeking the full picture. It’s official.


Brushes with climate change. By the Numbers: War Amps key tag service. Photographic Memory: The Bluenose. From the Archives: Making a landmark. Protecting and promoting the Ojibwe Horse.

Trading Post

A nameplate from HBC icebreaker the Nascopie.


A modest church and other sites show the Loyalists’ influence in eastern Ontario. Radio legacies.


Reviews: Reviews: A painter’s painter. Momentous transformation. Invisible activist. Unforeseen disaster. Defining ideas. Tracking diasporas. More books: Canada’s year of cool, uncovered cold case, vibrant forest, munitions disposal, heralding pride. Read them all


Of family trees and root causes.

History Matters

Young Citizens program proved to be life-changing experience for inaugural contest winner.


Workers take a lunch break amid massive railway equipment.

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