August-September 2020

See what’s available in the August-September 2020 issue of Canada’s History magazine.

Posted July 14, 2020
Cover of the August-September 2020 issue  featuring a painting of the HMS Terror.

August-September 2020


On All Fronts

From the home front to the front lines, Canadians everywhere did their bit to help the Allies win the Second World War. by Tim Cook

After Victory

The Second World War led to fundamental changes to Canada. by Tim Cook

Solving the Franklin Mystery

After 175 years, searchers close in on answers to what actually doomed the 1845 Northwest Passage expedition. by Ken McGoogan

Something to Squawk About

Louis the parrot fought the forces of progress in Victoria — and won. by Susan Goldenberg

On the cover

Perilous Position of HMS Terror, Captain Back, in the Arctic Regions in the Summer of 1837, by William Smyth. The Terror returned to the Arctic in 1845 with the Franklin expedition, becoming trapped in ice again and sinking in what is now Terror Bay, off Nunavut.


Editor’s Note

Alone together.

The Packet

Yukon’s booze ban. An overlooked legacy. HBC ignites fond memories.


Playing cards helped aircrews recognize friends from foes. From the archives: Insects that weave a dangerous web. Remembering Shirlee Anne Smith. Museums work to archive the pandemic. Canada’s roadside attractions.

Trading Post

A lock and key were used to secure the powder magazine at York Factory.


Breathtaking views, undisturbed pre-contact Indigenous heritage, and the remains of early settlements can be found in southern Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park.


Reviews: Coastal calamities. West Coast idyll. Fighting words. Working knowledge. More books: Railway hotels, Czech refugees, artists’ marriage, wild nightlife, internment camps, notorious gangster, obscured athlete. Read them all

Annual Report

Celebrating the successes of 2019–20. Plus our annual honour roll of donors.


Members of a work gang pose in a tent along the CNR line in central Saskatchewan.

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