June-July 2020

See what’s available in the June-July 2020 issue of Canada’s History magazine.

Posted May 21, 2020
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June-July 2020


Making Canada Dry

The push to ban alcohol a century ago met with opposition and, briefly, success. by Daniel Francis

Bold Strokes

A century after its debut exhibition, the Group of Seven remains the topic of fascination — and debate. by Mark Collin Reid

Changing Landscapes

The Group of Seven eclipsed formerly renowned Canadian artists like Homer Watson. by Nichole Martin

Defending the Land

A First Nation’s successful battle to win title over its traditional territory has deep roots in colonial history. by Andrew Findlay

On the cover

A man in Quebec enjoys a pint of beer, circa early twentieth century. The photo was taken by William B. Edwards, a British immigrant to Quebec who founded a photo studio in Montreal in 1917.


Editor’s Note

Strange brew.

The Packet

Appreciating David Thompson’s legacy. A life worth documenting. Memories of the HBC. Strathcona’s impact.


Finding pride in Calgary’s LGBTQ past. Rejecting the White Paper. Podcast lets listeners tune in to history. Photographic memory: Nazis take Winnipeg. From the archives: Polio epidemic in Canada. Mural celebrates Indigenous culture. The Mint celebrates HBC with silver.

Trading Post

Moccasins and an Inuit grammar book owned by a fur trader in northern Quebec.


A pilgrimage to Edmonton to visit Canada’s first mosque.


Cultural resilience. Tragic tycoons. Uncharted waters. Informed union. More books: Colonial legacy, writer-educator, striking illustrations, geodesic dreams, travelling identities. Read them all

Summer Reading Guide

Our special advertising section includes the latest books for Canadian history lovers!


DNA testing could expose skeletons in your closet.

History Matters

Canada’s teachers are helping students to cope with the upheaval caused by COVID-19.


Two men use automobiles to move a large tank and a trough to a Manitoba farm.

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