April-May 2020

See what’s available in the April-May 2020 issue of Canada’s History magazine.

Posted March 11, 2020
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April-May 2020


An Epic Tale

How a daring endeavour to launch a fur-trading company at Hudson Bay shaped the fate of North America. by Mark Collin Reid

Untold Stories

Indigenous women and men played crucial roles in the success of the fur trade. by Karine Duhamel

Woven Together

We don’t always see all the strands that make up the Hudson’s Bay Company story. by Christopher Moore

The World’s Oldest Multinational

Challenges and change have always been part of HBC’s history. by Joe Martin

On the cover

A trapper wears an HBC point blanket capote and a hat adorned with turkey feathers in this detail from the original painting Not Alone, by Jerry Crandall. For more information on Crandall’s work, visit the website Eagle-Editions.com.


Editor’s Note

In good company.

The Packet

Lucile’s legacy. Monitoring the Chilkoot Trail. Rebuilding a Hurricane. Taken at face value.


Inuk elder’s wartime contributions. Immigration museum’s five top items. From the archive: Inuk woman’s eighteenth-century journey. Falcons soar to hockey victory. Internment stories brought to life. By the numbers: Canada in the Second World War.

Trading Post

The art of scrimshaw was applied to a container made from a horn.


Open book: Excerpt from John Rae: Arctic Explorer. Reviews: First flyer. Doctoring beyond borders. Soldiering on. More books: Banff station, Ferrari racer, black CFL players, the business of beer, evocative printmaking, Okanagan Trail. Read them all


Alert Bay on British Columbia’s Cormorant Island offers a chance to connect with Kwakwa-ka-’wakw stories past and present.

History Matters

The 2019 Governor General’s History Awards celebrate history makers.


Students in Hamilton join the crowds celebrating the end of the Second World War in Europe.

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