June-July 2018

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Posted May 16, 2018
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June-July 2018


Unacquainted with Fear

How Eileen Vollick became the first Canadian woman to earn a pilot’s license. by Marilyn Dickson

Naming and Claiming

The dream of regaining lost nationhood for his people fired the mind of a Saskatchewan chief. by Ray Argyle

Determined Nation

Despite racism and persecution, the Roma have persevered in Canada. by Cynthia Levine-Rasky

Soldier of Misfortune

W.A.C. Ryan died a legend in Cuba but is virtually unknown in his Canadian homeland. by Peter Blow

On the cover

Pilot Eileen Vollick in the cockpit of the Curtiss JN-4 she flew for the Jack Elliott Air Service in Hamilton. Illustration by Robert Carter.


Editor’s Note

Winging it.

The Packet

Viking relics need thorough review. Vinland lost and found. Nuns’ journey: fact or fiction?


Heartfelt history. Brush Strokes: Emily Carr’s Vanquished. Museum revamp makes history. Putting the First World War under a lens. Connecting with Canada.

Trading Post

Dene craftsmanship is shown in an elaborately decorated gun case.

Summer Reading Guide

Our special advertising section offers a variety of books for outdoor reading.


Q&A: Business historian Joe Martin. Reviews: Arctic afresh. Relief workers. Picturing the land. More books: Contentious federation, high-seas adventure, POW horrors, nursing life. Read them all

Christopher Moore

Online data mining offers a motherlode of information for historians.


Red Mountain, British Columbia — where mining and skiing meet.

Your Story

Remembering the successes — and sacrifices — of several generations of railway men and women.

History Matters

Historical Thinking Concepts help us develop a deeper understanding of the past.


Norman Bethune to the rescue on Lake Simcoe.

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