June-July 2021

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Posted May 7, 2021

June-July 2021


After the Pandemic

Following a tumultuous year of lockdowns and loss, Canadians are wondering, what comes next? Canada’s experience of past disease outbreaks may provide clues to the post-pandemic future. by Christopher J. Rutty Read the article

Ingenious Imitations

Cornelius Krieghoff’s acclaimed paintings of nineteenth-century Canada are found in galleries and private collections around the world. But many of the works attributed to him are actually forgeries. by Jon S. Dellandrea

Escape from Russia

How the CPR’s immigration machine paved the way for one family’s early twentieth-century move to Canada. by Gerrie Kautz

Drawing the Line

Remembering Duncan Macpherson, one of Canada’s most talented — and turbulent — editorial political cartoonists. by Terry “Aislin” Mosher

On the cover

A forged “Krieghoff” painted by a contemporary painter, based on Krieghoff’s Calling the Moose, circa 1860.


Editor’s Note

Artful scoundrels.

The Packet

Worth remembering. Fields of study.


From the Archives: Sketches of friendship. Indigenous renaming effort in Edmonton. Remembering Vimy Ridge. Black history on display. Visions of sustainable living.

Trading Post

An Inuit elder sold distinctive facial jewellery to a ship’s captain.


B.C. mill town features a historic planned townsite. Inuit art centre opens in Winnipeg.


Reviews: Reviews: A Canadian miracle. Supporting roles. Sweeping synthesis. Velvet over iron. More books: Wild expedition, demanding rights, resistance that mattered, transatlantic steamer. Read them all

Summer Reading Guide

Our special advertising section includes history, fiction, and other books for Canadian readers.

History Matters

Skateboard park donor gave youth the gift of history.


An Alberta family displays hope and resilience amid the hard times of the dirty thirties.

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