2021 Book & Gift Guide

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Posted November 12, 2021

Gabriel Dumont’s Wild West Show / Le Wild West Show de Gabriel Dumont

by multiple authors and translators

Gabriel Dumont’s Wild West Show / Le Wild West Show de Gabriel Dumont is a flamboyant epic, constructed as a series of tableaux, about the struggles of the Métis in the Canadian West. A bilingual book enhanced with a historical background, a chronology of the Métis Resistances, and visual documents, it is a multilayered and entertaining saga with a rodeo vibe, loosely based on Buffalo Bill’s legendary outdoor travelling show.

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Warming Huts: a decade + of art and architecture on ice

edited by Lawrence Bird, Peter Hargraves, and Sharon Wohl

The Warming Huts is a public art and architecture installation held annually at midwinter on the major rivers of Winnipeg. Projects are selected through an international design competition and via the invitation of selected designers or artists. This book, published to coincide with the tenth anniversary, celebrates and discusses the event as a critical body of work foregrounding the poetics and politics of public space.

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Becoming Vancouver: A History

by Daniel Francis

In this engaging history, award-winning historian Daniel Francis follows the evolution of the city from early habitation by the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations to its current status as real-estate investment choice of the global super-rich. Tracing decades of transformation, Francis chronicles the remarkable events and characters that have defined Vancouver.

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Canada’s Holy Grail: Lord Stanley’s Political Motivation to Donate the Stanley Cup

by Jordan B. Goldstein

Drawing on primary source documentation from Lord Stanley’s archives, as well as statements by politicians and hockey enthusiasts, Canada’s Holy Grail integrates political thought into the realm of sport history through the discussion of a championship trophy that still stands as one of the most well-known and recognized Canadian national symbols.

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Dusty Dreams and Troubled Waters: A Story of HMCS Sackville and the Battle of the Atlantic

by Brian Bowman

A middle-grade graphic novel exploring the Battle of the Atlantic from a young prairie boy’s perspective. Following young Wally as he leaves the family farm on the prairies to pursue a daring career in the navy — leaving love interest Winnie behind — this striking graphic novel is a high-stakes adventure, a love story, and an important historical lesson.

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Undressed Toronto: From the Swimming Hole to Sunnyside, How a City Learned to Love the Beach, 1850–1935

by Dale Barbour

Undressed Toronto looks at the life of the swimming hole and considers how Toronto turned boys skinny-dipping into comforting anti-modernist folk figures. By digging into the vibrant social life of these spaces, Barbour challenges narratives that pollution and industrialization in the nineteenth century destroyed the relationship between Torontonians and their rivers and waterfront.

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Spílǝx̣m: A Weaving of Recovery, Resilience, and Resurgence

by Nicola I. Campbell

In this exceptional memoir, bestselling author Nicola I. Campbell deftly weaves together rich poetry and vivid prose to illustrate what it means to be an intergenerational survivor of Indian Residential Schools.

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Beaver bow tie

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Beautiful woven all-silk bow tie — burgundy with small beaver images throughout. This bow tie was inspired by Pierre Berton, inaugural winner of the Governor General’s History Award for Popular Media: The Pierre Berton Award, presented by Canada’s History Society. Also available as a necktie.

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The Clocks Are Telling Lies: Science, Society, and the Construction of Time

by Scott Alan Johnston

Until the nineteenth century all time was local time. The invention of railways and telegraphs, however, created a newly interconnected world where, suddenly, the time differences between cities mattered. The Clocks are Telling Lies is an exploration of why we tell time the way we do, demonstrating that organizing a new global time system was no simple task.

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Canada, A Working History

by Jason Russell

A history of work in Canada and how it was shaped by influences including gender, class, race, ethnicity, and politics.

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Failed to Return: Canada’s Bomber Command Sacrifice in the Second World War

edited by Keith C. Ogilvie

A compelling look at sixteen stories of Canadians killed and missing in the line of duty while serving in the Royal Air Force Bomber Command, one of the most dangerous assignments in the Second World War.

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The E.J. Hughes Book of Boats

by Robert Amos

Winner of the the 2021 BC and Yukon Book Prizes’ Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award. Boat lovers of all ages and people who enjoy the scenery of BC’s coast will delight in this charming gift book, a worthy addition to books about BC’s art history.

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History of the Jews in Quebec

by Pierre Anctil, translated by Judith Weisz Woodsworth

How has Québécois society shaped Judaism in Montreal? How has the Jewish presence shaped the province? This book examines the history of the complex and fascinating relationship Jews have had with Québécois society over a span of four centuries.

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Solidarity: Canada’s Unknown Revolution of 1983

by David Spaner

In 1983, Premier Bill Bennett unleashed an avalanche of anti-union, anti-human rights legislation that sparked resistance throughout B.C. The Solidarity movement erupted across the province, uniting labourers and leftist activists for the first time. Solidarity is an exploration of the events, people and politics of B.C.’s unknown revolution.

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Reliving the Trenches: Memory Plays by Veterans of the Great War

edited by Alan Filewod

In Reliving the Trenches, three plays written by returned soldiers who served in the Great War with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium appear in print for the first time. With a critical introduction that references the authors’ service files to establish the plays as memoirs, these plays are an important addition to Canadian literature of the Great War.

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Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call

by Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ronald M Derrickson, foreword by Naomi Klein

Unsettling Canada, a Canadian bestseller, is built on a unique collaboration between two First Nations leaders, Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ron Derrickson. Together they bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to Canada’s most glaring piece of unfinished business: the place of Indigenous peoples within the country’s political and economic space.

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The Rosary and the Rifle: The Murder of Mary Ann MacKinnon

by Ernie MacAulay

Mary Ann MacKinnon was a mother of 12 children and a busy farmer’s wife who died on the second anniversary of her husband’s death, leaving behind eleven orphaned children. This is the story of the trial of Joey MacDonald and the family Mary Ann left behind.

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Stress Tested: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Canadian National Security

edited by Leah West, Thomas Juneau and Amarnath Amarasingam

Stress Tested brings together leading experts to explore the role of Canadian intelligence and security in anticipating, responding to, and managing COVID-19. With topics including the ethics of surveillance as pandemic response, supply chain security, and the potential threats of misinformation and fringe belief, it is an essential exploration of intelligence and security challenges in the age of COVID-19.

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Gehl v Canada: Challenging Sex Discrimination in the Indian Act

by Lynn Gehl

Gehl v Canada is the story of Lynn Gehl’s lifelong journey of survival against the nation-state’s constant genocidal assault against her existence. While Canada set up its colonial powers on her traditional Algonquin territory, she was pushed to the margins, exiled to a life of poverty in Toronto’s inner-city. Gehl spent her entire life fighting back, and now shares an insider analysis of Indian Act litigation.

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Montreal and the Bomb

by Gilles Sabourin (translated by Katherine Hastings)

Canada’s nuclear research and energy development began in a secret laboratory at the Université de Montréal. The story is peopled by leading figures of modern nuclear physics, bold chemists, and scientists accused of spying, who collaborated and competed with the Manhattan Project. Gilles Sabourin, a nuclear engineer, brings the story to life in a book that reads like a novel.

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Asleep in the Deep: Nursing Sister Anna Stamers and the First World War

by Dianne Kelly

The vividly reconstructed story of Anna Stamers, an adventurous nursing sister from Saint John, New Brunswick, who saw the Great War up close — from battlefield hospitals to a hospital battleship that was itself the deadliest Canadian naval disaster of the Great War.

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White Maple Leaf Socks

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Maple leaf socks: Cream-coloured background with burgundy leafs and trim. 85%25 Egyptian combed cotton, 12%25 nylon, 3%25 Spandex. Sizes: CAN/US Men’s 7-12 / Women’s 8-13; EUR 39-46. Also available in ankle length.

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Canada to Ireland: Poetry, Politics, and the Shaping of Canadian Nationalism, 1788–1900

by Michele Holmgren

Canada to Ireland explores the poetry and prose of twelve Irish writers and nationalists in Canada between 1788 and 1900. The book demonstrates that Canadian cultural nationalism left its mark on both countries. Contemporary decolonization movements in Canada and cultural exchanges between Ireland and Indigenous peoples make this a timely study.

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In Nature’s Realm: Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island

by Michael Layland

A celebration of the richly diverse flora and fauna of Vancouver Island as explored through the records of explorers, settlers, and visitors, and with due respect to the wealth of Indigenous traditional knowledge of the island’s ecosystems.

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Muggins: The Life and Afterlife of a Canadian Canine War Hero

by Grant Hayter-Menzies

The unusual and moving tale of Muggins, a famed fundraising dog who became a mascot of the Canadian Red Cross during the First World War.

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Unsettling the Great White North: Black Canadian History

edited by Michele A. Johnson and Funké Aladejebi

Exploring topics such as settlement, borders, gender, community development, and labour, Unsettling the Great White North contributes to growing historical scholarship on Blackness in Canada and considers the place of resilience and resistance within the colonial legacies of the Canadian nation.

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A Long Way to Paradise: A New History of British Columbia Politics

by Robert A.J. McDonald

McDonald tackles age-old questions from a novel perspective. Why were the Liberal and Conservative parties obliterated in the 1950s? What can account for Bennett’s unprecedented decades-long reign? And why did British Columbians come out in support of parties as diametrically opposed as Social Credit and the NDP? This lively, richly detailed overview provides new insight into the fascinating story of provincial politics in one of Canada’s most fractious and dynamic political scenes.

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Spin Doctors: How Media and Politicians Misdiagnosed the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Nora Loreto

This book documents each month of the first year of the pandemic and examines the issues that emerged, from racialized workers, to residential care, to policing. Grab a copy for 15%25 off via Fernwood’s website using code: SPINFP15. Or:

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On the Labrador

text and photographs by Arnold Zageris

Far from busy roads or crowded villages, the Kiglapaits, Kaumajets, and Tomgat mountains rise from a deep cold sea, isolated, ice-covered and bare. Misty fjords, towering cliffs and dark lost valleys hold secrets long hidden. Here long ago Vikings passed and Inuit hunted. Today, Labrador remains to be discovered. This is not the land as Sebastian Cabot once said “God gave to Cain,” but land that seduces by its sheer grandeur and beauty.

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Anne’s Cradle: The Life and Works of Hanako Muraoka, Japanese Translator of Anne of Green Gables

by Eri Muraoka, translated from the Japanese by Cathy Hirano

The bestselling biography of renowned Japanese translator of Anne of Green Gables is available in English for the first time. The name Hanako Muraoka is revered in Japan. Her Japanese translation of L. M. Montgomery’s beloved children’s classic Anne of Green Gables, Akage no An (Redhaired Anne) was the catalyst for the book’s massive and enduring popularity in Japan.

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Grasslands Grown: Creating Place on the U.S. Northern Plains and Canadian Prairies

by Molly Rozum

In Grasslands Grown Molly P. Rozum explores the two related concepts of regional identity and sense of place by examining a single North American ecological region: the U.S. Great Plains and the Canadian Prairie Provinces. All or parts of modern-day Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba form the centre of this transnational region.

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Capitals, Aristocrats, and Cougars: Victoria’s Hockey Professionals, 1911–1926

by Alan Livingstone MacLeod

A fascinating and in-depth look at Victoria’s largely unknown professional hockey players in the early twentieth century, and the historical context in which they played.

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Canadiana Linen Tea Towel

Made exclusively for Canada’s History

100%25 woven linen, made exclusively for Canada's History readers by pi'lo. 50 x 75 cm (20" x 30").

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Aki-wayn-zih: A Person as Worthy as the Earth

by Eli Baxter

Aki-wayn-zih is one man’s story of growing up in the hunting and gathering society of the Ojibways and surviving the residential school system, woven together with traditional legends in their original language. A story about the land and its relationship with the Anishinaabayg, from the beginning of their life on Turtle Island to the present day.

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Canada’s Army: Waging War and Keeping the Peace, Third Edition

by J.L. Granatstein

Written by J.L. Granatstein, one of the country's leading political and military historians, Canada’s Army traces the full three-hundred-year history of the Canadian military. This thoroughly revised third edition brings Granatstein’s work up to date with fresh material and new scholarship on the evolving role of the military in Canadian society.

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E.J. Hughes Paints British Columbia

by Robert Amos

A retrospective on one of BC’s most famous artists that features beautifully reproduced landscape paintings from all over mainland BC, and unveils new photographs, sketches, and ephemera from the artist’s estate.

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A Matter of Equality: The Life’s Work of Senator Don Oliver

by Donald Oliver

The long-awaited autobiography of former Canadian Senator, lawyer, and outspoken spokesperson for diversity and minority advancement, detailing his life as a Black man working within the system to bring change to Nova Scotia and beyond.

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Toronto: Biography of a City

by Allan Levine

Levine’s captivating prose integrates the sights, sounds and feel of Toronto with a broad historical perspective, linking the city’s present with its past through themes such as politics, transportation, public health, ethnic diversity and sports. Now available in a handsome, trade paper edition.

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1968 in Canada: A Year and Its Legacies

edited by Michael Hawes, Andrew C. Holman, and Christopher Kirkey

The year 1968 in Canada was extraordinary. Leading scholars explore the year’s major events, from the rise of Trudeaumania and the Parti Québécois to the new visions articulated in the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Medicare, the Indigenous rights movement, CanLit and other fascinating developments.

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Kate Wake: A Novel

by Mariianne Mays Wiebe

A tender and deeply engaging novel from a distinctive new voice. Katie fights to reclaim her life from the grip of a psychological crisis, tracing back a stumbled-upon and uncertain family history at an abandoned prairie mental asylum. As she seeks to rehabilitate the present by understanding the past, her fate becomes intertwined with that of her great-grandmother Kate Wake, an enigmatic, independent-minded artist with her own remarkable story.

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The Knotted Rope

by Jean Rae Baxter

When an imperfect law is passed to end slavery in Upper Canada, Broken Trail must rescue a group of slaves before their new slave dealer ships them across the border.

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A Canadian Nurse in the Great War: The Diaries of Ruth Loggie, 1915–1916

edited by Ross Hebb

A fascinating collection of letters from a Maritime nurse who served overseas during the First World War from the author of In Their Own Words and Letters Home.

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Massey Hall

by David McPherson, foreword by Jann Arden

Get nostalgic with the official Massey Hall book, an intimate look at the venue’s 127-year history of concerts, boxing matches, speeches, and more.

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Canada’s Great War Album: Our Memories of the First World War

edited by Mark Collin Reid

Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Canada’s Great War Album is an unprecedented and remarkable collection of Canadian photographs, memorabilia, and stories of the war. Includes contributions from Peter Mansbridge, Charlotte Gray, J.L. Granatstein, Christopher Moore, Jonathan Vance, and Tim Cook.

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Dadibaajim: Returning Home Through Narrative

by Helen Agger

Dadibaajim narratives are of and from the land, born from experience and observation. Invoking this critical Anishinaabe methodology for teaching and learning, Helen Agger documents and reclaims the history, identity, and inherent entitlement of the Namegosibii Anishinaabeg to the care, use, and occupation of their Trout Lake homelands.

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The Land of Heart’s Delight: Early Maps and Charts of Vancouver Island

by Michael Layland

Beginning before the arrival of Europeans and concluding at the outset of the First World War, this book describes the history and significance of map-making, while an afterword summarizes subsequent cartographic developments.

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Women at the Helm: How Jean Sutherland Boggs, Hsio-yen Shih, and Shirley L. Thomson Changed the National Gallery of Canada

by Diana Nemiroff

Women at the Helm explores the accomplishments of the first three women to direct the National Gallery of Canada during three transformative decades in its history. From leadership styles to challenges faced to contributions to the institution, Nemiroff considers their remarkable careers and the obstacles still faced by women in leadership today.

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Ancient Land, New Land: Skmaqn – Port-la-Joye – Fort Amherst National Historic Site of Canada

by A.J.B. Johnston

As Europeans settled on what had become to be known as Isle Saint Jean, the major European players constructed forts and sent soldiers, warships and settlers. A key strategy of the French was to establish a close alliance with the Mi’kmaq, one that was maintained by missionaries. Thus Skmaqn became the French fort Port-la-Joye. This site was surrendered to Great Britain in 1758 and renamed Fort Amherst.

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Wagon Road North: The Saga of the Cariboo Gold Rush, Revised and Expanded Edition

by Art Downs, edited by Ken Mather

A newly revised and updated edition of the classic pictorial account of the Cariboo Gold Rush trail. First published in 1960, Wagon Road North is the quintessential popular history book chronicling gold-rush-era BC. This newly updated, expanded, and re-designed edition brings to life the adventures, hardships, and blind ambitions of the men and women who risked everything in the quest for gold.

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The Discovery of Insulin: Special Centenary Edition

by Michael Bliss

With a new preface by Michael Bliss and a foreword by Alison Li, the special centenary edition of The Discovery of Insulin honours the one hundredth anniversary of insulin’s discovery and its continued significance a century later.

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Possessing Meares Island: A Historian’s Journey into the Past of Clayoquot Sound

by Barry Gough

This fascinating account by an award-winning author and historian weaves a unique history out of the mists of time by connecting eighteenth-century Indigenous-colonial trade relations to more recent historical upheavals. Possessing Meares Island links early maritime history, Indigenous land rights and modern environmental advocacy in the Clayoquot Sound region.

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The War Diaries of General David Watson

edited by Geoffrey Jackson

The diary of David Watson, who rose through the officer ranks to command one of the four divisions in the Great War, is an exceptional document that details with candid insight the responsibilities of senior command and shows the talent required to rise through the CEF to divisional command.

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Châhkâpâs: A Naskapi Legend

by John Peastitute, edited by Marguerite MacKenzie, translated by Julie Brittain & Silas Nabinicaboo

Châhkâpâs: A Naskapi Legend shares the story of Châhkâpâs, a heroic figure in First Nations storytelling, who performs feats of strength and skill in spite of his diminutive size. The book shares the legend as recorded in the Naskapi community in northern Quebec in 1967, when it was narrated by John Peastitute. Transcribed in the Naskapi language and syllabic orthography alongside an English translation, the book also contains analysis of stories about Châhkâpâs, notes about the recordings, and lavish illustrations.

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Woman on a Mission: Katherine Bell Fraser in Armenia, 1892–1897: From Christian Missionary to Refugee Advocate

by Andria Hill-Lehr

True story of a young Nova Scotia woman who found herself witness to the Armenian genocide in the nineteenth century, from the celebrated author of Mona Parsons.

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Inhabited: Wildness and the Vitality of the Land

by Phillip Vannini and April Vannini

Through an ethnographic exploration of Canada’s ten UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites, Inhabited reflects on the meanings of wildness, wilderness, and natural heritage. Presenting perspectives of local inhabitants, the authors ask us to reflect on the colonial and dualist assumptions behind the received meaning of wild, challenging us to reimagine wildness as relational and rooted in vitality.

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Burgundy Reusable 3-D Face Mask

Made exclusively for Canada’s History

Beautiful handmade non-medical 3-D face mask — burgundy with embroidered silver beaver image on left side. Two layers — exterior material is 100%25 cotton, inside layer is grey 100%25 cotton sateen. Black elastic ear loops with toggles to adjust size, plus bendable metal nose piece.

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Afterlight: In Search of Poetry, History, and Home

by Isa Milman

A haunting memoir of war, genocide, displacement, and a daughter’s search for the literary works of her mother’s murdered twin.

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Montreal at War, 1914–1918

by Terry Copp, with Alexander Maavara

Drawing from newspapers, journals, government reports, and archival records, Terry Copp — one of Canada’s leading military historians — tells the story of how citizens in Canada’s largest city responded to the challenges of the First World War. Challenging long-held assumptions, Montreal at War aims to understand the war experience as it unfolded, approaching history from the perspective of those who lived through it.

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E.J. Hughes Paints Vancouver Island

by Robert Amos

A handsome new retrospective on one of BC’s most beloved artists that unveils, for the first time, photographs, sketches, and ephemera from the artist’s estate.

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It’s Our Time: Honouring the African Nova Scotian Communities of East Preston, North Preston, Lake Loon/Cherry Brook

by Wanda Taylor

With care and precision, award-winning writer Wanda Lauren Taylor delves into the history and development of the Preston township, the organizations and churches that helped bolster the population, and the struggles, successes, and personal stories of several Preston-area residents.

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Modest Hopes: Homes and Stories of Toronto’s Workers from the 1820s to the 1920s

by Don Loucks and Leslie Valpy

A celebration of Toronto’s built heritage of row houses, semis, and cottages that still exist throughout the city today.

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Scattering Chaff: Canadian Air Power and Censorship during the Kosovo War

by Bob Bergen

Winner of the C.P. Stacey Award for Canadian Military History, this is the virtually unknown story of the Canadian Air Force in the Kosovo War. Based on careful research and extensive in-depth interviews with the war’s Canadian participants, it centres the voices of pilots and exposes how the Canadian military deliberately choked media coverage to control the narrative, an impact felt to this day.

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The River Battles: Canada’s Final Campaign in World War II Italy

by Mark Zuehlke

Now in paperback! The fifth and final Canadian Battle Series volume set in Italy, The River Battles tells the story of this campaign’s last and hardest months. In riveting detail and with his trademark “you-are-there” style, Zuehlke shines a light on this forgotten chapter of Canada’s Second World War experience.

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Hastings Mill: The Historic Times of a Vancouver Community

by Lisa Anne Smith

Hastings Mill witnessed the birth of Vancouver, B.C., in 1865. The store, where people socialized and obtained supplies, was the heart of the community — until the city outgrew the mill. In 1930, the store was sentenced to demolition. Luckily, a group of determined ladies refused to let that happen.

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Inventing the Thrifty Gene: The Science of Settler Colonialism

by Travis Hay

Inventing the Thrifty Gene exposes the exploitative nature of settler science with Indigenous subjects, the flawed scientific theories stemming from faulty assumptions of Indigenous decline and disappearance, as well as the severe inequities in Canadian health care that persist even today.

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Atlantic’s Last Stop: Courage, Folly, and Lies in the White Star Line’s Worst Disaster Before Titanic

by Robert G. Chaulk

The long-awaited, definitive, shocking history of SS Atlantic, the worst shipwreck in Nova Scotia’s history, authored by the vessel’s recognized authority.

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A Perfect Eden: Encounters by Early Explorers of Vancouver Island

by Michael Layland

A compelling history of the earliest explorers to Vancouver Island, brought to life with illustrations and maps.

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A Journey Back to Nature: A History of Strathcona Provincial Park

by Catherine Marie Gilbert

A fascinating account of the century-long effort to define, access, preserve, develop, and exploit the uniquely beautiful area of rugged wilderness now known as Strathcona Provincial Park on Central Vancouver Island.

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Material Traces of War: Stories of Canadian Women and Conflict, 1914–1945

by Stacey Barker, Krista Cooke, and Molly McCullough

Material Traces of War uses largely unknown artifacts and archival documents to tell the stories of Canadian women during the world wars. Thematic vignettes present the women who served in the military, volunteered their time, worked as civilians, and grieved lost loved ones.

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Barry Sampson: Teaching + Practice

edited by Brian Carter and Annette LeCuyer

This book documents the ideas and work of University of Toronto professor Barry Sampson, an instrumental part of architectural practice Baird Sampson Neuert. Focused on Sampson’s 2019 Baird Lecture, the book also documents three projects illustrative of Sampson’s approach to design, and reflects on his diverse roles — teacher, practitioner, advocate, environmentalist, mentor, client, and builder — from notable architects, engineers, and colleagues.

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Cultivating Community: Women and Agricultural Fairs in Ontario

by Jodey Nurse

Cultivating Community explores women’s critical involvement in agricultural fairs’ growth and prosperity in Ontario throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Examining women’s roles as society members, exhibitors, performers, volunteers, and fairgoers, the book shows how women used fairs to present different versions of rural womanhood.

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Monty and the Canadian Army

by John A. English

General Bernard Law Montgomery, affectionately known as “Monty,” exerted an influence on the Canadian Army more lasting than that of any other Second World War commander. In Monty and the Canadian Army, John A. English analyses the way Montgomery’s operational influence permeated the Canadian Army.

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Island Girl: From orphan to military wife

by Jackie Muise

The life story of Mary Elizabeth LeBlanc in Jackie Muise’s Island Girl is compelling and moving, not because she was highly unusual, but because she experienced, suffered, survived, and triumphed over challenges commonly faced by ordinary people during her era.

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Canada’s History slipcase

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Each case holds twelve issues of Canada’s History magazine — two years of magazines — and ensures that your collection stays in perfect condition for future reference.

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