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Sarah Beech and Chad Howie

Over four-five weeks, students relive the Seven Years’ War by researching, learning military tactics, designing an intelligence report, creating props, role-playing, and learning marching techniques. They then simulate the battle on the Plains of Abraham with over 120 grade seven students.

Teaching / 2011

Raymond Bédard

For a time, Mr. Bédard's students take on the role of museum curators to assess the historical value of old objects.

Teaching / 2011

Flora Fung

Lesson plans and projects on WWI, The Winnipeg General Strike, as well as, a Hong Kong Commemoration Ceremony, the organizing of a History Conference and the 'Portraits of Valour' Writing Contest inspire Flora's students to be more involved.

Teaching / 2011

Andrew Stickings

"Reel History" is a grade 5 class project that looks at immigration yesterday and today. Students found out what it was like to come to Canada many years ago through Pier 21 in comparison to what it is like immigrating to Canada today.

Teaching / 2011

Sylvia Smith

Under Sylvia's guidance her students booked guest speakers, developed multimedia resources, and began decorating small wooden tiles that became meaningful artifacts, each one representing a young life lost to the depredations of the Indian Residential School system.

Teaching / 2011

Michel Ducharme

Michel Ducharme received the 2011 Macdonald Prize for his book Le concept de liberté au Canada a l’époque des Révolutions atlantiques (1776-1838).

Scholarly Research / 2011

J’ai la mémoire qui tourne

In the delicious fashion of home movies, host Marcel Sabourin and well-known personalities have presented family moments ranging from marriages, making maple syrup, and watching Rocket Richard in Madison Square Garden.

Popular Media / 2011

Lucie Labbé, Paule Labbé, and Marcelle Thibodeau

Over a five-month period, students are taught a series of lessons on the period before contact with Europeans, when the cultural landscape was dominated by the Iroquois and the culture of other First Nations.

Teaching / 2010

Adrian Charles French

Covering 99 years of Canadian history is a feat no teacher can accomplish in the span of a school year. Mr. French’s class are given a dose of some of the more remarkable and relevant examples of that rich period and, as a result, have a thought-provoking year.

Teaching / 2010

Amy Park

Seven-year-old historians and archaeologists uncovered the stories behind an array of Inuit artifacts and art pieces borrowed from the Glenbow Museum.

Teaching / 2010