Eric Chassé

Recipient of the 2018 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching

November 8, 2018

École internationale Lucille-Teasdale, Brossard (Québec)

After having conducted research on a historical building typical of New France, Eric Chassé’s students were required to build a scale model of the selected structure.

In the research phase, the students gathered and catalogued information in a critical manner in order to develop their project and help them understand the functions and importance of the building being reproduced. Written, visual, and even physical sources were consulted at this stage.

External stakeholders working in the heritage field were invited to help guide the students, supporting their investigative work. Throughout the activity, the students were required to present their findings to their peers and justify each of their decisions.

This learning experience involved several disciplines—including science, architecture, French, mathematics, sociology, and art—though it remained primarily focused on history and was centred, first and foremost, on historical thinking.

Beyond the authenticity of the reproductions and the accuracy of historical details, this project aimed to develop a structured research method that would encourage meaningful social exchanges between the students.

They were thus able to better understand the principles upon which their country was founded, demystify construction methods used on period buildings, learn more about the daily lives of early settlers, and recognize the importance and quality of our archives.

This interview is in French.