Award Recipients

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Brent Pavey

Brent Pavey is a senior high school teacher, engaging his students through a classroom project, entitled “Making History: Understanding Canadian Government, Parliament and the Historical Development of Canadian Culture”

Teaching / 2009

Neil Stephenson

Neil Stephenson's grade 7 students live the disciplines of history and graphic design, using 21st century tools to reinterpret events from Canada's past.

Teaching / 2009

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

Launched in 1997 for Canadian secondary-school students, this historical “cold case” website has become a major force in online education, but is also a fascinating exploration for the armchair sleuth.

Popular Media / 2008

Bev Milobar-denOuden

Bev Milobar denOuden created a local history inquiry project that presents students with the opportunity to discover the changes in their community over time using critical thinking to connect the past with the present.

Teaching / 2008

Joe Stafford

In the Diamond Jubilee Re-Enactment, students create poster boards and organize an event to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Confederation. Dressed in 1920s attire, students invite the community to dance, eat, and learn about Canada's achievements and challenges.

Teaching / 2008

Cathleen Anne Tenning

Cathleen encourages hands-on learning through field trips and environmental studies outside of the classroom. Through “talking circles”, 7rd students share their learning and personal experiences.

Teaching / 2008

Mike Ward

Mike Ward believes that students learn best through personal experience, and with his social studies Pioneer Village his students are given that opportunity.

Teaching / 2008

Nancy Hamer–Strahl

Nancy Hamer-Strahl places an emphasis on student achievement through the Multiple Intelligences teaching philosophy, which allows studentsto showcase and develop specific talents.

Teaching / 2008

Jean-Pierre Frigon

Jean-Pierre Frigon stimulates the learning of history through a number of educational activities — presentations, projects, field trips, and exchanges — which involve students directly.

Teaching / 2008

John MacPhail

John MacPhail firmly believes in the idea of “constructive controversy.” In his project, a mock trial of William Lyon Mackenzie, he develops his students’ skills in critical thought, debate, and questioning assumptions.

Teaching / 2007