Award Recipients

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David Watkins

David Watkins believes that studying history is a key to self–determination. In his Canadian–African studies course students use the study of Canadian history to focus on their cultures' contributions to the multicultural fabric of Canada.

Teaching / 2007

Rhonda Draper

Rhonda Draper believes that learning is accelerated through expressions of the “musical voice” in young people. In her unit plan Canada: On the Wings of Our Song she exemplifies this teaching philosophy through a focus on folk songs.

Teaching / 2007

Rose Fine–Meyer

Rose Fine-Meyer created a senior level high–school Interdisciplinary Studies course entitled Archives and Local History which has received accreditation as part of the Ontario curriculum.

Teaching / 2007

Susan Haynes

Susan Haynes developed Passport to the Past, a project that invites grade 7 students to research and role–play historical figures. Students create a passport, historical costume using household items, and make a link between this individual and themselves.

Teaching / 2007

Monique Martin

Monique Martin’s students created 22 large advertisements and posters that were displayed in Saskatoon bus shelters and on routes in May of 2007. The posters detailed a historical event, place or person in Saskatoon History.

Teaching / 2007

Brian McKenna

Mr.McKenna has consistently demonstrated his exceptional ability to tackle the challenges of communicating history through a modern media with originality, determination, and a deep respect for those whose stories he tells.

Popular Media / 2007

Ken McGoogan

Historical biographer Ken McGoogan is a globe-trotting ex-journalist who survived a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, placed a commemorative plaque in the High Arctic, and chased the ghost of Jane Lady Franklin across Tasmania.

Popular Media / 2006

Antony Caruso

Antony Caruso's approach to Canadian history fuses critical thinking with a healthy dose of drama.

Teaching / 2006

Greg Miyanaga

Greg Miyanaga’s students learn about the history of Japanese-Canadians during WWII. This is a collection of “hands–on, minds–on, and hearts–on” lessons about Japanese internment and redress.

Teaching / 2006

Jennifer Johnson–George

Jennifer Johnson–George’s grade one/two class immersed themselves in the work of uncovering the stories of Alberta’s history. Eleven field studies to museums and historical Stampede Park showed the students how the arrival of the train changed Canada’s west forever.

Teaching / 2006