Award Recipients

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Adrienne Chong & Mark Melnyk

Adrienne Chong and Mark Melnyk have developed teaching and assessment strategies that breathe life into their Canadian history classes. Role play, heritage albums, heritage fairs as well as course packs of primary documents provide students of varying aptitudes and interests strong conduits for learning.

Teaching / 2004

Francesca Ianni

Francesca Ianni is an energetic history teacher who wants her students to be fascinated by learning and to enjoy coming into her classroom. Francesca infuses her lessons with stories, and anecdotes as well as historical facts to engage her students.

Teaching / 2004

Jean–Pierre Lagueux and Christian Lagueux

The team teaching approach of Jean–Pierre and Christian Lagueux is one of innovation. Their use of artefact creation, role–play, time travel and theatre production creates an environment suitable for all types of learners.

Teaching / 2004

Georgina McMurchy–Barber

Gina McMurchy–Barber's approach to teaching Canadian history begins with concrete experiences and materials that lead to abstract learning. For each history unit she creates board games, puzzles, timelines or matching exercises for her students, ages 6 to 9.

Teaching / 2004

Daniel Soberg

Dan Soberg shares his passion for Canadian history with his Grade 4 students through his interactive, child–centred teaching methods, which shine in the delivery of his unique and vibrant living First Nations curriculum.

Teaching / 2004

Jackie Underhill

Jackie Underhill’s teaching calls for high levels of critical thinking and appeals to a variety of intelligences.

Teaching / 2004

Jack Granatstein

Jack Granatstein joined the History Department at York University, Toronto (1966–1995) where, after taking early retirement in 1995, he is Distinguished Research Professor of History Emeritus.

Popular Media / 2004

Charlotte Gray

Charlotte Gray — best-selling novelist, well-respected magazine journalist and frequent political commentator — has laboured faithfully and meticulously in Canadian history and biography for years with her impressive literary talents and dedication.

Popular Media / 2003

Susan Anderson and Susan Earles

Susan Anderson and Susan Earles have been collaborating on an integrated grade 4/5 local history resource for several years: “The History of Tsawwassen” and “Local Pioneer Study.”

Teaching / 2003

Peter Bjornson

Peter Bjornson uses cross–curricular projects and community partnerships to get his students thinking “out of the books.” His classes take ownership of local heritage, learning the importance of history as they explore national and global connections to their own local stories.

Teaching / 2003