Award Recipients

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Kim Chagnon and Mary Scott

“ We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! ” is a Social Studies unit that reveals to the students that like a quilt, a community is composed of many small parts, all of which are valuable on their own, however, when sewn together with care, each piece works together to create something beautiful.

Teaching / 2006

Julie-Catherine Mercadier

Julie-Catherine Mercadier hopes that her grade 5–6 students, newly arrived in Canada, will come to understand the history behind the street names and sites around them.

Teaching / 2006

Blake Seward

Blake Seward has developed an award–winning unit called Lest We Forget. It began as a student exploration of primary military service files, based on the names found on the community cenotaph. This unit has grown and been adopted by schools across Canada.

Teaching / 2006

Jean–François Bélanger

Mr. Bélanger's approach to teaching focuses on having students transform knowledge into something new and relevant. From recreating a voyage to New France to designing Utopia, students are engaged...

Teaching / 2005

Jerry Berridge and Sheila Hetherington

Sheila Hetherington and Jerry Berridge have created a cross–curricular course called Documenting History that encourages students to immerse themselves in history by applying in–depth research, writing, interviewing and technical film–making skills to create broadcast quality documentaries.

Teaching / 2005

Linda-Rae J. Carson

Linda–Rae Carson has developed a Canadian history program for her senior high students that is grounded in history education theory that suggests students bring far more “historical skills” to class than previously recognized.

Teaching / 2005

Paul Gifford

Paul Gifford, a Senior 10 educator was nominated for an original integrated experiential program called The Wilderness Integrated Course.

Teaching / 2005

Caroline Ricard et Valérie Rivard

Caroline et Valérie ont fait vivre à leurs élèves un projet sur la Nouvelle–France qui s'est terminé par un grand banquet au gymnase de l'école où tous les enseignants, enfants (et même certains parents) étaient costumés!

Teaching / 2005

Lorretta Stabler and Patti Thorne

Lorretta Stabler and Patti Thorne, multi–aged students and community members collaboratively engaged in an authentic Archaeology project. Mysterious shards found on school property sparked students' curiosity and began the hands on “uncovering” of many real artifacts.

Teaching / 2005

Will Ferguson

Will Ferguson, best-known for his humourous outlook on Canadian history and culture, has authored several books including Canadian History for Dummies.

Popular Media / 2005