Award Recipients

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Daraius M. Bharucha and Stefano Fornazzari San Martín

The idea for the project “My Place in Canadian History: Digital Storytelling with Historical Thinking Concepts” came from a simple question that was extremely relevant to both Stefano Fornazzari San Martín and Daraius M. Bharucha, given their own journeys to Canada.

Teaching / 2012

La Meute Culturelle

Since its inception in 2002, over twenty of Lafontaine’s pioneering families have been showcased in various editions of the Musée vivant de Lafontaine.

Community Programming / 2012

François-Marc Gagnon, Nancy Senior and Réal Ouellet

François-Marc Gagnon, Nancy Senior and Réal Ouellet received the award for their book, The Codex Canadensis and the Writings of Louis Nicolas

Scholarly Research / 2012

Calgary Heritage Initiative Society

In the inaugural year of Century Homes Calgary (2012), an amazing 508 households signed up to research their homes, and create and display homemade yard signs with historical information, telling their part of Calgary’s story.

Community Programming / 2012

Canadian War Museum

The innovative quality of the Human Library allowed the “readers” to gain an even deeper understanding of our country’s response to conflict, while creating lasting personal connections.

Museums / 2012

The Dictionary of Canadian Biography

The DCB/DBC is an extraordinary combination of scholarship and accessibility, making it our country's most reliable biographical source of information on the great names of our shared past. .

Popular Media / 2012

Société d'histoire de Saint-Basile-le-Grand

What initially began as an oral history project blossomed into an extensive community-wide celebration of heritage with over 100 volunteers amassing a collection of over 4,000 photographic images and family documents.

Community Programming / 2011

Montréal Science Centre

In order to explore the effects of the Second World War on Montreal, this project makers mobilized people, communities, and relevant experts to help re-envisage a lively, vital, but largely unknown local history.

Museums / 2011

St. Joseph and Area Historical Society

The St. Joseph and Area Historical Society decided to commission and produce a theatrical play, drawing almost exclusively on the talents and skills of its own citizens to recount the story of  Narcisse Cantin.The production took to a live outdoor stage where nine sold-out performances drew an attendance almost triple the community’s population.

Community Programming / 2011

Shantelle Browning-Morgan

Shantelle's course gives students of African descent an opportunity to connect with their education and see their histories and cultures reflected. While Black students feel affirmed and empowered as they became aware of the contributions made by other Blacks in Canada and worldwide, non-Black students are also impacted as they gain a deeper cultural understanding and receive a balanced sense of global contributions, both past and present.

Teaching / 2011