Marc Mailhot and Lynda Brown

Recipients of the 2017 Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Teaching

November 8, 2017
Canada's History speaks with Lynda Brown and Marc Mailhot about their project, "GrandPals."

Montgomery Village Public School, Orangeville (Ontario)

Marc Mailhot and Lynda Brown have developed a cross-curricular, experiential and service-based project for Grade 5 called GrandPals. In the first part of the project, “All About Me,” students explore their personal histories and identities by conducting family research. Following this, students work with community seniors to complete the second section of the project, “All About You.” Students learn about their GrandPal’s life and discover key themes and events from Canadian history. Students choose one story to present and collect primary source documents, audio recordings, photographs and secondary research. The completed stories are published and distributed to each senior that participated. One copy is presented to the Dufferin County Museum and Archives to form part of their collection. Finally, students present their stories orally to seniors and community members at the year-end GrandPals Gala. The greatest measurement of the program’s success is the depth of friendship that students and seniors develop over the course of the project.